Fresh Start, Fresh Makeup!

A quick guide on freshening up your makeup for the new year! 


1. Start by emptying your current cosmetic case or drawer and giving it a good scrub from top to bottom or replacing it if it has seen too many seasons!

2. After a thorough scrubbing of your makeup organizers, go through all your fabulous products and make sure they haven’t passed their expiration dates! Besame products each last about one to two years (even our Mascaras!). If a product doesn’t have an expiration date on it, just trust your nose! If it smells sharp or rancid, it is time to toss!

3. After you have removed the expired products it is time to clean your applicators. For Besame brushes, all you need is a gentle soap and some warm water. Lay them out to dry on a towel overnight. Most brushes should be cleaned once a week depending on how frequently they are used.

4. Next, go through your makeup and make note of everything you love and everything you feel so-so about. If it doesn’t bring you joy or make you feel like the glamorous gal you are… feel free to give it away! Write down a list of new items you would like to try, such as a shade of lipstick or eyeshadow so that the next time you are out shopping you know which items to buy again or which items you don't have that you would like to try out! 

5. And to finish, we at Besame like to re organize our cosmetics by decade but we also like to set everything out by category and color as well! It is all about personal preference. When storing your makeup (especially Besame) make sure it is in a cool, dry place preferably not in the bathroom where temperature and moisture fluctuate.

 Now you are all set! Fresh and clean for a brand new year of being fabulous!


P.S. If you collect vintage makeup like we do, make sure to keep it away from your regular makeup and store in a cool and dry place, with all caps and containers closed to make sure it lasts as long as possible!

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