Behind the Color: 1965 Portrait Peach

Behind the Color: Bésame Cosmetics 1965 Portrait Peach

As the sun sets, the city is buzzing with energy. The faint tune of “I Got You Babe” (by Sonny and Cher) dances into your room through the open window. You’re not the only one getting ready for an evening on the town. You rush to your closet and pick out something to wear - a straight cut, loose fitting pink dress that rests a few inches above your knees. It’s been your favorite since you saw the famous international model, Twiggy, wearing something similar. You dance over to your vanity to play with your makeup. A flick of liquid liner, and many layers of mascara, give you perfect dramatically bold eyes. You keep the rest of your makeup simple: a pale flush of pink on the cheeks, and your favorite pastel peach on your lips. 


The 1960s saw a second wave of feminism in the United States. Women were throwing away social norms made popular after World War II. Modern women wanted to be more than a dutiful housewife, mother, or secretary. Women began participating in activism, and fighting for equality amongst genders and races. Fashion was bold, fun, and limitless. London street style was all the rage as the iconic “British Invasion” engulfed pop culture.
Makeup was considered a form of self expression. The sixties was a decade that celebrated its free-spirited youth. Cosmetics were now being marketed to a younger generation. 
Cake foundation and a simple powder were used to enhance and even skin tone. The cheeks were kept subtle in tones of pink or warm browns. The main focus of the face was the eyes. Big, doe-like, eyes were emphasized by using heavy shadows and liners. False lashes, and multiple coats of mascara, became popular as super model Twiggy popularized the heavy lash look. In order to balance the face pale pastels became the go-to lip color.
Inspired by the free spirited, fashion forward women of the sixties, Bésame’s “1965: Portrait Peach” is a faithful replication of a shade once worn by women in 1965. Portrait Peach is a softer, pastel peach that is flattering on all skin tones. The perfect shade to wear for a natural everyday look - or pair it with a dramatic smokey eye for an accurate swinging sixties look.
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