The 10 Secrets of Cream Rouge

One little tin of Cream Rouge is a secret weapon to a fast and simple beauty routine. But that’s not the only secret our little tin holds. This classic cosmetic can save time, money, and even make travel a little easier! For how to use Cream Rouge, check out our Tutorial Series. In the meantime, here are the 10 Secrets of Cream Rouge.

No Plastic. Low Waste. 


Each Cream Rouge comes in an intricately designed tin that looks adorable on any vanity. But it’s not just adorable - it's a rare no waste blush option. Once the rouge is gone, you can reuse the tin or recycle it!

Even the foam is no waste! Inside the tin, the pan of Cream Rouge is surrounded by a thin layer of foam. This makes sure that the makeup doesn’t get damaged in transit. Instead of throwing the foam away, you can rip it up and mix it into the soil of potted plants. The foam helps aerate the soil, bringing more oxygen and water to the roots and helping the overall health of your plants.

So with every Cream Rouge you get gorgeous makeup, no plastic, and healthier plants!

Nearly A Full Face From One Tin

It’s no surprise that Cream Rouge is perfect for cheeks, but did you also know that it makes a lovely lip tint? It goes on just like a balm, but leaves a natural wash of color. Wearing the rouge as both a lip and cheek tint gives you a natural glow without looking too “matchy matchy.” 

Done In Seconds

No need to get out a brush, a sponge, and a blender — with Cream Rouge you need just a touch on your fingertips, rub it on your cheeks, and you’re done! The colors bring instant warmth and a natural looking glow to the skin.

To be fair, if you want to use the rouge for cheeks and lips, it will take a little longer. The whole routine might go from 30 a whole minute! But we think that extra 30 seconds is worth it.

Want the Cream Rouge from the video? Get our newest color, Poppy!

Highly Pigmented

A little goes a long way! The rouge looks so bright in the tin because it’s packed with pigment. Our products have the highest pigment possible, which means you don’t need much product to get the colors you want.

Some powder blushes use a white base layer. Though the base may bring out the color of the blush in the pan, it can look pale or grey on the skin. The Cream Rouge has no white base — just color! So the rouge easily blends with your natural skin tone leaving you with a very natural look. If you have a darker skin tone, Cream Rouge is especially good because of our pigment prowess.

Remember — you don’t need much! Use enough rouge to cover the tip of your finger and dot it on both cheeks. Then, blend! It layers beautifully, so feel free to add more for a more dramatic look.

Stays All Day

Once you apply Cream Rouge, it stays in place all day. The high level of pigment won’t fade, which is why so many film/tv makeup professionals choose Bésame. Since they don't have time to waste on reapplying, makeup artists use a touch of Cream Rouge and they don't have to worry about retouches for hours! It saves them time on set, keeps actors happy, and makes everyone look good.

Lasts A Long, Long Time

We know it lasts on your skin for a long time, but it also lasts in the tin. Once again, it’s pigment for the win! Since you only need to use a tiny amount of Cream Rouge, it takes quite a while to run out of product. One customer said that with almost daily use, a single tin lasted her a whole year! Since Cream Rouge takes a full year to expire, that works out perfectly!


Cream Rouge is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, and paraben free. Plus, you’ll feel free not having to carry around a brush and breakable blush compact!

No Trouble With The TSA

How often have you put a blush in your luggage only to find a heap of broken powder waiting for you at your destination? You don’t have to worry about that with Cream Rouge! The tin is small enough to fit in any purse or makeup bag and will not be harmed by even the worst turbulence. Plus, it’s not a liquid or gel, so you don’t have to put it in a Ziplock and take it out of your luggage when you go through airport security.

Flattering On Any Skin Type

With Crimson, Apricot, and Poppy, there’s a Cream Rouge color for every skin type. 

To find out how to find you perfect blush color, check out our guide.

Though Apricot appears bright orange, it blends into a golden, peachy hue that looks great on a wide range of skin tones. Crimson looks very red in the tin, but blends out to a pink, flushed look that’s especially beautiful on darker skin tones. Poppy is right in between — a bit more pink than Apricot and a little less vibrant than Crimson. 

For dry skin, Cream Rouge is ideal. It doesn’t accentuate dry areas like powder can and the cream base makes it more blendable. If you have oily skin, Cream Rouge is still a great choice.  Though our rouge has a creamy feel, it dries quickly and settles into the skin without clogging pores. 

A Tin To Keep Forever

As a kid, would you ever look through your mother or grandmother’s makeup? Would you marvel at all the little bottles (and maybe sneak one to keep for yourself)? Makeup from the past was designed with care. Now most things are designed to be thrown away.

Not Cream Rouge. The tin was made to be adored. It’s pretty enough to keep on your vanity long after the rouge is gone. And maybe your grandchildren will one day try to sneak it away for themselves.


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  • Jane Whisler

    Just found out about the poppy color,only to find that it’s sold out.
    I have both the other colors,but apricot was way too orange for me!
    Wondering if the Lucy apricot color would work better,or should I wait for this poppy color.
    I guess I’m just asking if you know when poppy will be available again?
    Thanks and brava, I love it all!

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