Our 1920s Decade Class Recap

1920s Decade Specific Class Recap
We recently held our first decade class at our Burbank California boutique and it was a smashing success! The first in our series of decade focused classes was all about the 1920s. We focused on history, products and how to get a 1920s look that translates well to modern times. Take a peek at the pictures below and if you are interested in attending our next class on the 1930s, make sure to give us a call at  (818) 558-1558 to reserve your spot! Spaces fill up quickly! 
Getting prepped! We used Gabriela's book: Classic Beauty: The History Of Makeup to teach this class! 
Gabriela begins the class, teaching the history of makeup in the 1920s and introducing the brand. How cute is her 1920s dress? ;)
Prepping the face! We started with our Stick Foundation and used our Brightening Powder in Vanilla to set the look! 
Blending that Cream Rouge! Women in the 1920s wore their blush on the apples of the cheeks in a more rounded way instead of angled up like we do today. We like both application techniques! It is all about preference. 
Our house makeup artist Daniela twists our models hair into a sweet pin curl bang that is perfectly 1920s but works for modern times! 
All set! We just adore this look for a night out! 
Close up! We used: Besame Stick Foundation, Vanilla Brightening Powder, Apricot Cream Rouge, 1922 Blood Red on lips, 1920 Cake Mascara, and our eye shadows which are coming soon! 
Just darling! 
The Besame girls and Gabriela help the ladies attending grab their goodie bags and shop! 
Thank you all so much for attending and we can't wait to see you at the 1930s class! 


  • Stephanie Bellini

    I just loved these photos! Your boutique looks divine. I wish you could do this in Toronto, Canada.

  • JR Beton

    Wow, Great Page…. Interesting..

  • Antonella Santoro

    Yes please an on line class i live in Miami :-(

  • Linda

    Please have on-line classes.

  • Rachel Ann (Harris)

    Is the tray for the makeup used in the first photo sold anywhere?

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