The Complete Sleeping Beauty 1959 Collection

$ 269
In honor of the 60th anniversary of Walt Disney's classic film Sleeping Beauty, Besame has collaborated with Disney to create this exclusive collection, inspired by the artwork and story of the beloved Princess Aurora. Through extensive research with the Disney Archives and Disney Ink and Paint Department, we have faithfully matched the colors and artwork to bring you a beautiful and authentic recreations from the classic 1959 film. With this special set, you will receive the entirety of this limited edition collection. The collection includes the following items...

The Eyeshadow Palette - a stunning palette based on the storybook from the opening of the film with twenty different matte shades.

Royal Vanity Mirror - an elegant rose gold plated mirror with a beautiful handle and the logo on the back.

Aurora's Translucent Powder - a luxurious matte finish silky soft translucent powder that sets your makeup.

Briar Rose Blush Palette - a lovely palette with two blush shades matching Aurora's and Maleficent's cheeks, accompanied by two matching highlight shades, in a case with an original film cel on the lid.

Locket Cream Rouge - a treasured locket that looks like a book, holding a rosy pink cream rouge inside that can be easily applied to the cheeks, or even the lips.

Sleeping Beauty Pink - a dreamy lipstick that is a faithful recreation of Aurora's actual lip color. A pale, nude pink for a more natural look.

Maleficent - an enchanting lipstick that is a faithful recreation of Maleficent's actual lip color. A deep pink with medium brightness and a cool undertone.

Make it Blue, Make it Pink - a magical color-changing lipstick which is blue, but transforms to a pink shade once applied to your lips.


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