1941 - Victory Red Lipstick Special Edition - 2016

$ 28.00

We are proud to introduce the Veteran's Day Release of Special Limited Edition Victory Red Lipstick and Victory Pin Set. To support our veterans, $5 of each set is donated to the "Hope For The Warriors" organization. This special set is packaged in an olive-drab color box and includes a 1941 Victory Red Lipstick and 1940's Replica Victory Pin worn to support our troops. The pin is gold plated with an enameled red "V" for victory in the center.

The name references the Allied Victory in World War II. We painstakingly researched our red, based upon our collection of historical samples and lots of study. Our “Victory Red” is an absolutely faithful color-match to the original from 1941.

During the war, the American military forces commissioned the first “Victory Red” lipstick to women in uniform. The clear, strong tone looked vibrant when worn with the standard-issue, olive-drab jacket and skirt. The caps worn by women in the armed forces often featured a brilliant red braid trim detail, and “Victory Red” also accentuated this band.

Our Victory Red comes in our beloved semi-matte finish with one coat full coverage. The highest natural pigment content for a smooth, indelible, feather-proof finish. Enriched with squalene, vitamin C and aloe.This color has strong staying power for a no-fuss perfect lip. Strong, clear, cool, vibrant red. More pigmented and a touch darker than Besame Red. This set is sure to bring special memories to veterans and their families.

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