Masterliner Universal Red Pencil - NEW!

Looking for the perfect liner? You’ve found it!
This unique pencil shade has been used by makeup professionals in stage and screen for over 100 years as the perfect shade of red to look the most natural and on the face. 
Our founder Gabriela was asked by the top makeup artists in Hollywood today to re-create this amazing color so it could again be used to create the perfect lips on the world’s most famous actresses. This legendary color has attained cult status in the industry as a must have in every makeup kit. Based on this legendary red pencil no longer in production, our Masterliner Universal Red pencil will become your favorite as well. 

This long wooden pencil is perfect for any complexion, skin tone, or lipstick shade and makes your lips look natural, but better. Gliding with ease across sensitive skin, use alone, top with gloss or use as a liner for any lipstick shade. 
Meticulously crafted to create the perfect red, used in film and theatre since 1888 and richly pigmented for a long-lasting wear this is the ultimate red liner.

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