Decades of Fragrance: 1960

$ 25.00

The Decades of Fragrance Collection is the fruit of 6 years of research and exploration to bring you the essence of each decade featured in the collection. We wanted to give you an olfactory picture of a decade of time, using familiar ingredients from each period to create an impression in your mind of a time gone by. Each perfume extract is meticulously crafted from precious essential oils and natural alcohol. Be transported to your favorite era with each of our intoxicating scents. 

Dabble in time with our Decades Collection.

Classic vs modern, the Graduate, 1960s Chypre Floral

Top notes: grapefruit, armoise, coriander

Heart notes: rose, reseda, jasmine

Base notes: patchouli, oud, oakmoss

15 ml glass bottle.

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