Field Agent Lip Kit (AC245)

$ 68

Agent Carter,

Your field kit is hidden inside a beautiful jewelry box, with a secret compartment, which holds three 1946 Agent Carter Collection lipsticks. The outside of the box is vegan leather and the inside is soft velvet. The SSR logo can be seen on the inside and the set comes with a note from Howard Stark on using your new "tech" and a photo to pin to your vanity.

You new lipstick colors in special, limited edition tubes match the Bésame line so they don't tip off anybody you might need to use them on! 102 is Red Velvet, 103 is Dusty Rose, and 104 is Red Hot Red.

Keep an eye out for even more tech coming your way soon, Agent.

- Howard

Quantities are extremely limited on this piece! 

All licensed products are limited edition and final sale.
Limit 3 per person. 

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