Our Philosophy

Be glamorous everyday!

Bésame transforms women to become elegant, strong and feminine. Besame provides products that give them confidence to achieve wealth and success. Besame makes all women feel special and glamorous.

The Bésame Cosmetics Collection incorporates the power of classic ideas of femininity into an outstanding group of products designed to provide the woman of today with responsible elegance and glamour. Natural, classic and reliable formulas that have proven to be timeless and effective.

Gabriela Hernandez, Founder

Meet Our Founder

Bésame Cosmetics was created by artist, cosmetic historian, and designer Gabriela Hernandez after a life-long love affair with vintage beauty. At 12, Gabriela immigrated to the U.S. from Buenos Aires, always fascinated by her grandmother’s sophisticated beauty routine. She fully realized her passion for the creative arts with a fine art degree from Art Center in Pasadena, California, and became a photographer, art director, and published author (Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup, Schiffer). With her creative background, historical know-how, and cherished memories of her grandmother’s makeup, Gabriela finally developed the beauty brand of her dreams, filled with rich, historical details in wearable long-lasting formulas. She wanted Bésame to bring romance back into the makeup industry, allowing women to feel excited and passionate about their own beauty rituals again.
Besame Cosmetics Brand Products

Meet The Brand

Bésame Cosmetics was founded in 2004 out of a fascination with art, history, and beauty; a vintage makeup brand which honors the style, spirit, and sensibility of female beauty.
Through a keen eye for color and historical expertise, we recreate modern reproductions of classic luxury makeup from the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, designed to make women feel elegant, inspired, and empowered by their beauty. Pairing innovative, cutting edge technology with a historical milieu, our colors and formulations are painstakingly hand-crafted to a minutia of detail, from our custom-designed gold compacts to our signature chrysanthemum motifs. Based in Southern California, Bésame understands Hollywood’s ongoing fascination with the vintage aesthetic, and often helps production designers recreate accurate makeup displays for period film and television (catch a glimpse of our Crimson Rouge tin in the 2012’s Academy Award-winning film, “The Artist”).

Our Commitment To You

We strive for excellence when developing our unique makeup formulas, and manufacture and design all of our products in the U.S. using the finest natural, safe, and effective ingredients. Every handmade item we offer surpasses strict European performance standards while wearing beautifully on your skin.

Recapture the soul of elegance, glamour, and responsible luxury with Bésame.


Besame's Lipstick

Our Classic Color Lipsticks are the legacy of Bésame; gilded, purse-sized tubes packed with vibrant pigment and an unparallel finish. We’ve always been inspired by our grandmother’s original 1940’s lipstick bullets and old advertisements for design itself, but engineering a timeless, vintage-inspired formula is a more technical process. Here’s a look into how we make our modern classic.


Step 1: Finesse the Formula

besame lipstickWomen seldom have time to re-apply lipstick throughout the day, so long-wearing was a priority for this lipstick. Denser colors provide longer wear, so we created a weightless, high-pigment formula that stays put with a semi-matte satin finish.


Step 2: Make the Molds

An engineer created technical drawings which the factory used to make custom molds built in the U.S. Accuracy is crucial, since even a millimeter variation can make the mechanism fail. Our molds have a special blunt tip to make application easier, and can hold 80 lipsticks at a time.


Step 3: Design the Packaging

Besame LipsticksAfter testing many design and color combinations, we mocked up the final packaging of the tube and fit the decorative illustrations around the 3D model. Ultimately, we chose the chrysanthemum for its popularity in early deco packaging, and for the motif’s timeless, yet fresh appeal.


Step 4: Fill the Bullets

First, we hand-pour hot lipstick into the molds for castings. Then, we scrape excess lipstick from the top of the mold in order to remove the casting. Lastly, we inspect the castings for any defects, and discard anything that’s not perfection.


Step 5: Release the Castings

besame lipstickAfter cooling off on a frozen table, we release the cast lipsticks from the mold and rest them on a tray before inserting them into their metal bases. We then carefully attach them to our decorated bullet, and slightly flame the lipstick to remove the surface marks and create a high-shine finish.


Step 6: Ready to Ship!