Any 2 Fragrances

Any 2 Fragrances
Any 2 Fragrances
Any 2 Fragrances
Any 2 Fragrances
Any 2 Fragrances
Any 2 Fragrances

Any 2 Fragrances

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Save 30% off when you pick any two Decades of Fragrances. Be transported back in time with these iconic perfumes that capture the mood and spirit of five unforgettable decades from the 1920s to the 1960s.

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From the seductive scent of a 1920’s speakeasy to a bright and cheery 1950s garden party, each Decades of Fragrance perfume spray captures the mood and spirit of its decade with a blend of familiar ingredients and essential oils. Leave a lasting impression as you are transported back in time when you choose any 2 fragrances. These perfume mists are the result of six years of labor and research to revive an aromatic essence that evokes the feeling of each unforgettable era. Each intoxicating perfume extract has been meticulously crafted from precious essential oils and natural vegan alcohol. As with all our beauty products, the ingredients in our fragrances were carefully chosen to ensure they are easily tolerable -- free of harsh or toxic ingredients. Cruelty-free & vegan perfume (9 ml).


Decades of Fragrance 1920

This flirtatious, free-spirited, and naughty scent is Prohibition in a bottle –inspired by the assertive 20s women embracing liberation with new voting rights, short haircuts and even shorter hemlines. Capture that jazz era feeling with this perfume infused with the essence of Mandarin combined with floral top notes and a musky base.

Mood:  Unabashedly carefree & confident.  Think velvet, pearls, a pair of Manolo’s and a plunging neckline as you sip cocktails in a speakeasy and dance the night away with total abandon.

Decades of Fragrance 1930

Channel the glamour of Tinseltown starlets Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich with this seductive perfume of spices and creamy vanilla. This heady blend of herbaceous clary sage, cedar, cinnamon, mandarin, heliotrope and a hint of tobacco richly captures the danger, drama and decadence of the golden era of Old Hollywood.

Mood:  Scandals, seduction and late-night rendezvous are the perfect backdrop for a little black dress, a bold red lip and everything that glitters in gold.

Decades of Fragrance 1940

Affectionately called “The Bombshell”, this spicy floral perfume captures the strength and smarts of the 40s woman.  Despite a decade of war and chaos, this fragrance mist symbolizes hope, optimism, and the promise of better days ahead.  Rose and citrus bring the light and airy scent of Spring, while the sandalwood base adds the spice.  

Mood: Bold and effortless confidence. Be sure to turn heads when you walk in the room. Think floral dress with white sneakers and a black leather jacket.

Decades of Fragrance 1950

Evocative of the bright & cherry mood of the 50’s, this floral, powdery perfume is sweet, exceptionally fresh and inspired by gardenias and pristine vanilla with top notes of mango and freesia – and a hint of citrus. The distinct scent of vanilla combined with undertones of sweet honey and intoxicating white flowers imparts a timeless elegance.

Mood: Effortless Sophistication. Think pastels, pearl necklaces and brunch in the garden with the girls.

Decades of Fragrance 1960

This fragrance of florals, citrus and spice was inspired by 60s women becoming braver than ever and pushing the boundaries on fashion, color and makeup (hello Twiggy!).  This perfume brings out the free-spirited flower child in all of us with its top notes of green pear and bergamot, layered with hints of jasmine, magnolia and the warm and welcoming scent of tonka bean. Jasmine’s sweet, fruity, and sensual scent combined with the fresh and relaxing scent of magnolia makes this perfume universally attractive.

Mood: Unapologetically you! Think outdoor music festival in your favorite lashes and dancing like no one is watching - not that you would care, anyway.


Ethyl Alcohol, Fragrance (Parfum), Water (Aqua), Dipropylene Glycol PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether, tert-Butyl alcohol. 

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