Why The World Needs A Makeup Museum - Guest Post

Doreen Bloch, Executive Director of the soon to open Makeup Museum in New York, contributed this post.

The Ancient Greeks created the word ‘kosmētikós’ from the adjective ‘kosméō’ meaning “to order, to arrange, to adorn.’ The French evolved this word into the term cosmétique in the sixteenth century, which we recognize today in English as ‘cosmetics.’

Organizing the self, a ritual of self-arrangement and adornment—performed by millions of people every day—is as old as humanity. This ‘self-arrangement’ takes place most often in private moments; we can see ourselves most intimately in front of our mirror at home with a sole-gaze. But, making up can be seen just as easily on crowded train commutes during the morning rush to work, at restaurants after dinner service has ended as a powder compact is drawn elegantly from a purse, or in many an iconic on-screen makeover scene. Cosmetics allow us to paint a portrait for each moment of our day. Quite simply, makeup is fundamental to life.

Deeply understanding this history (and the materials, processes, products, people, and muses of cosmetics) has significant cultural importance. It is with immeasurable responsibility and honor that I am overjoyed to announce the creation of the official Makeup Museum.

In being part of the beauty industry for nearly a decade, I know first-hand how many fascinating stories there are in the cosmetics world, but these stories have never before been presented in a comprehensive and immersive way. Once I had the idea to bring all of this together, the passion to make the Makeup Museum a reality was immediate… and has gained extraordinary momentum thanks to unwavering early supporters to whom I am immensely grateful, including Gabriela Hernandez of Bésame Cosmetics, whose leadership, knowledge and passion for vintage makeup is awe-inspiring.

The Makeup Museum will collect, repair, preserve, analyze, display, and share artifacts, stories and ephemera of all types from the world of makeup. We will open to the public in New York City in 2020, with plans to make the museum’s information and insights accessible globally through digital programming and touring exhibitions.

The Makeup Museum’s mission is to educate, inspire and celebrate makeup, in all its forms. We can achieve our mission only with the support and contributions of the people who use and love makeup as much as we do. You are part of the Makeup Museum.


Learn more and join us at https://makeupmuseum.com!

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