"This Lipstick Saves Lives:" Favorite Stories of Bésame Reds

Everybody needs their perfect red. At Bésame Cosmetics, we’re proud of our wide selection of timeless reds and our customers seem to agree. From a lipstick that survived being run over by a truck to finding their favorite lipstick after 40 years, we’ve heard a lot of lovely tales about our reds. In our customers own words, here are our favorite stories from our red lipstick collection.

Come On, Vogue

Vogue Magazine recently pronounced Cherry Red as one of the best red lipsticks on the market. 

A Trucking Good Lipstick

Ashley bought Victory Red and had quite an experience:

Aside from the color and formula being amazing, I dropped it outside of the store while I was walking across the street and I accidentally dropped it. I watched my lipstick (inside the box) get run over by a truck! You read that right, a truck ran over my lipstick! I ran back, opened the mangled box, and the lipstick was in perfect condition! My Marine fiancé said “that’s some military grade packaging !” I love this lipstick! 


Eating Burritos With Lipstick In Tact

A lot of Bésame Beauties bragged about the long staying power of our lipstick, especially when food is involved. Here’s what Goldie had to say about Bésame Red:

I stumbled upon Bésame cosmetics several years ago in a tiny boutique in a small town in Arizona. It was a happy accident. I love red lipstick, but it can be high maintenance with all the priming, lining, blotting, powdering, and reapplying required to make a cream lipstick last all day. Long-wearing formulas tend to look papery and flaky and are drying on the lips. But Besame lipsticks are magical. 
I have both Bésame Red and Cherry Red, and while I love the colors I'm most impressed with the formula. It's virtually effortless. I line with the angled edge of the lipstick, fill in, blot, and go. This lasts through four hours of nearly constant talking, lunch, and another two hours of nearly constant talking. The best part is that it doesn't feather or bleed! No one wants clown-mouth after all. And at the end of the day, my lips don't feel like they've been pigmented to a crisp. Bésame has ruined me for all other lipsticks!
Theresa H. had this to say about Blood Red:

I ate a burger and still had perfect lips! Aside from the color being incredible and my absolute favorite shade, My husband and I shared a burger recently on a trip to NYC and my color lasted through lunch and still looked great for a couple hours after!! Apply following the instructions and you're set all day! 

After a long night out with Victory Red, Kathleen E said:

The color is so rich and stays on forever! I was at an event where I couldn't get away to check my lipstick. After several drinks, I was worried it may have worn off and I would have that clownish lip liner effect. When I finally got to check it, I was pleasantly surprised that none of color had worn off and it was still as vibrant and rich as when I first applied it!

Katya said:

Victory Red is by far my favorite lipstick ever! I swear by it! I recommend it to anybody I can. It just makes me feel so good, and somewhat invincible, like I can take on the world! It is my ride or die lipstick. The staying power of it is unreal, more so than their other shades and those are also amazing so that's really saying something about VR. I once ate fried chicken and a burrito and it barely budged!

Not Into Lipstick...Until Now

Red lips can be intimidating, but many customers have found a new love of lipstick through Bésame. Samantha had this to say about Blood Red:

So I have only gotten into makeup within the last year, and lipstick has always been a dreaded product for me. I've always thought of lipstick as a fussy product that requires more time and touch-ups than a good, solid lip gloss. But I also have always had a problem wearing lipstick because my lips, no matter how much I moisturize and exfoliate them, always get dry.  
Until now. The only reason I tried this lipstick is because I love history, and the 1920s, so I was stoked on the idea of having a color from that time period. To my shock and amazement, this color is so ridiculously gorgeous and STAYS without drying out my lips. I'm light olive skinned with yellow undertones. I wear it almost every day now, no lie. Just because of this one lipstick, I have become a red-lipstick-everyday person. They better not ever stop making this color or else I'm going to have to hurt someone (or buy the entire stock in bulk).


Jaina P. had this to say about Red Velvet:

Love this so much. I have been wearing it for over a year and a half and just purchased my 3rd tube. It's a terrific color . The first red that I have ever worn and I am 48. 

A former makeup hater, Angelique tried Red Velvet and said:

I'm not so fond of make up in general. Especially lipsticks, because all of those I tried in my life made my lips dry and crackly and the colors would end up looking plain stupid. Even with "high quality" brands my mother used to wear. This lipstick just cured cancer. Ok, no, absolutely not, but I wore it twice already following Bésame's advice and not only I understood how to deepen or lighten the color, but I also managed to wear this when it was 35°C (95℉) outside,with humid and sweaty atmosphere. I ate and drank and it didn't smudge or fade.  
If there's one thing I know, it's that Bésame just converted me to lipstick with this beautiful, cruelty-free and quality product. 
Madi had did a complete 180 after trying Red Hot Red:


 I’ve never really been a big lipstick person. But I could EASILY wear this color every day! It’s so comfortable and I had no problem wearing it for 8 hours with one minor touch up after a slight bit of fading that came with eating. My lips felt moisturized all day. I was worried that it would be hard to apply, and believe me I’m awful at applying lipstick, but it’s so easy to apply without a lip liner it’s unreal. I adore this lipstick and I truly believe it was worth every cent. 

So Many Compliments

The most important person to impress with makeup is...you. But it's always nice when someone else notices your good taste. JayTee was surprised by all the nice words she got after wearing Victory Red:

I have never gotten so many compliments on my lipstick in my life. My boss. Friends. People on the streets! I guess I've always been a more natural type when it came to makeup, but this Victory Red makes a difference. Makes my blue eyes pop. And beyond a doubt it's the highest quality lipstick I own - lasts most of the day! Puts my fancy expensive lipsticks to shame. Consider me a Bésame fan! 

Another Victory Red fan gets a compliment a day! Jessica C. said:

When I first tried this color I wasn't sure I liked it. It was a different red than I was used to, but I gave it a try and now I can't live without it! I wear it every day and not a day goes by that I don't receive at least one compliment on my lipstick. I love telling people about it being based on a vintage color. I love how it wears, I really don't have to re-do my lipstick during the day as it just seems to last. This is just an all around, day or night, awesome lipstick! 

In addition to the happy comments she gets when wearing Victory Red, Eva likes how Bésame compliments her bank account:
This is such a unique colour! I am a woman in her forties and don't have the best lips either, so usually I wouldn't wear very forward colours. Reading about this one made me curious though and I am 100% happy I went for it! The colour is just wonderful, I wore it for two weeks now almost every day, and got complimented a lot to it, so the colour must suit me well.
I used to go for lower price drugstore make up, but this lipstick is worth every penny! From now on I will rather purchase one lipstick from Bésame instead five cheaper ones from drugstore. 


Melodie N. finds friends wherever she goes when she wears American Beauty. She said:

I wear red lipstick every day, and this is one that actually gets me compliments from people - friends and strangers alike. It looks sophisticated, polished and very pretty. It's bold without looking overpowering. I love all my Besame lipsticks (it’s the only lipstick I wear!) but this is my go-to shade on a daily basis.  

Honoring Your Favorite Women

Every time you wear a Bésame lipstick, you celebrate all the wonderful women of the past. The colors women loved for decades now live on. Some customers find our lipsticks forge a connection to their family history, heroes of the past, and inspiration figures of the present. Allison C. had this to say about Victory Red:

I love this color! I feel like I'm honoring the women who fought in wwII when I wear it! - Allison C., 

Victory Red helped Alanacapri connect to her grandmother:

Everything about this lipstick is perfect. The packaging, the smell, the way it glides on and is so incredibly pigmented. My favorite part has to be something no one can see. And that is that this color reminds me of my grandmother. She was and always will be my favorite person in the whole world. Never went a day without her red lipstick. This brought back awesome memories. Thank you. For creating such a beautiful line of products 

For the heroes of the silver screen, Rosalie said:

This was my first Besame lipstick and honestly, all of Besame's classic colors need to be at cult status ASAP! Red Velvet is subdued compared to brighter reds in the lineup. This makes it a perfect color for more conservative events or office wear. And, it's Peggy Carter's signature lipstick (for real, it's the Bésame brand she wears on screen and it's how I found out about Besame). If it's good enough for Miss Peggy, it's good enough for the rest of us SHIELD agents. :) 

Finally Found a Favorite


Finding your perfect lip can be an arduous task. At Bésame, we make it easy. After many years of struggling, Honey had this to say:

Oh my goodness, I have been searching for my perfect red for ages, finally as I reach the first third of my life I finally find it.  
Yes dramatic I know!!! 
Finding the right movie glam red for black skin is not easy, the reds are either too orange, too pink, or too blue. I generally had to blend about 2 lipsticks and 1 lip creme to achieve my perfect red. What an expense and a nightmare.  
I had to do a lot of research on-line to find out how the Bésame reds looked on black skin, I gave Cherry Red a try, and that was the best lipstick decision I ever made.  
I am so pleased and I have been running around all day shoving my lips in my friends faces and shouting that this is red to rule them all.

Just The Best

Every time we make a new product, we hope it becomes someones favorite. For Gigliola, we definitely hit the mark. After wearing Forever Red, she said:

I have more than 50 red lipsticks (Dior, Chanel, Mac, Lisa Eldridge, Nars, Kat von D, Tom Ford,etc) but for this one I can say only one word: THE BEST. 
Comfortable, long lasting, big stain, high pigmentation, stunning colour. It's impossible to ask for something more in a lipstick. Standing ovation, Bésame Cosmetics.
Ashley S. has some pretty dramatic things to say about Forever Red:

I am a lipstick hoarder and by far this is the best lipstick I’ve ever had. The pay off is amazing and the stay power is remarkable. With this lipstick I am able to eat food and not worry about looking like a clown. I am so in love with the colour and how it applies. BUY THIS LIPSTICK IT SAVES LIVES!!!* 

*At Bésame we love our lipsticks, but we cannot back up the claim that it saves lives. But you will look great!

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Are these products sold in stores or only on line?

Loretta Lillard March 04, 2021

I had a shopping day with my youngest 2 children. I was wearing makeup and Besame Chocolate Kiss lipstick. When we were leaving the store, there came a downpour. We were completely drenched. I had a hard time driving the stroller. The parking lot flooded. After getting both kids and the stroller in the car, I finally craweled in completely drenched, clothes, hair, everything. I looked in the mirror expecting to see lipstick all over my face. My other makeup had smeared and come off but my lipstick was perfect! I was completely stunned! How could this be? The lipsticks are such quality products, and Chocolate Kiss works so well with my ivory skin with an olive undettone!

Elizabeth Crowder February 04, 2020

These were all super fun to read!—and Victory Red is fun to wear!😍

Maggie February 04, 2020

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