The Most Magical Facts About the Mary Poppins Collection

The magic of Disney's Mary Poppins comes to life in our latest collection! Gabriela created sets to celebrate the wonderful women of 17 Cherry Tree Lane — Mrs. Banks and Mary Poppins.

To find out more about the details of this very special collaboration, here are some magical facts about the Disney Mary Poppins Collection.

A Gift In Satin

The Disney Mary Poppins set comes in a gorgeous, satin lined box. Every time you open the box, get a little reminder of how perfect you are!

Based on the Design of Mary’s Compact in the Film

When Gabriela began her research for this collection, she immediately knew she needed to recreate Mary Poppins’ compact. The black and floral perfectly sums up the 1910s by way of 1964 style of the film. Plus, who doesn’t want an adorably designed compact to powder their nose after a trip through the rooftops of London?

Unfortunately, the prop from the film can’t be found! Gabriela went to great lengths to seek out the original, but it’s been lost. Lucky for you, Gabriela made a beautiful recreation based on her thorough research. In fact, it’s the only place to get an officially licensed version of Mary’s signature compact.

Practically Perfect Powder

Keep your makeup in tip top shape with our Practically Perfect Powder. The translucent powder sets your makeup and leaves a beautiful matte finish. Plus, it comes in Mary’s signature compact with mirror featuring the perfect nanny flying over the London skyline.


The Perfect Nanny’s Perfect Lip

A Mary Poppins collection wouldn’t be complete with the perfect lip. Matched to Mary’s warm red lip color seen in the film, this lipstick makes every day feel like a holiday. 

The lipstick is available as part of the complete Disney Mary Poppins set and sold individually. Both make wonderful gifts, especially for any Disney fans on your list.

Custom Cream Rouge

The Mary Poppins set includes her powder compact, red lipstick, and cream rouge — all in her signature black floral design. The Cream Rouge matches the color of the Mary Poppins lipstick, plus it works as a lip and cheek tint.

Not Even A Tuppence A Bag

Mary’s makeup comes with a free gift! This black canvas tote features a bright yellow custom Mary Poppins design. Tuppence a bag? More like free with every Mary Poppins set.

Mrs. Banks, the 60’s Styled Suffragette

Though Disney's Mary Poppins takes place in 1910, a lot of the costumes and makeup design hued closer to the 1960s (when it was filmed). Winifred Banks is a perfect example. Her Gibson Girl hair is perfectly 1910, while her slightly shimmery pink nails and peachy lip color come straight from the swinging 60s.

For our collection, we matched Mrs. Banks lip and nail color as seen in the film. So you can enjoy the peachy tones for a look that’s lovely in any era.

Mrs. Banks Signature Colors

To honor our sister suffragette’s gorgeous costuming, the Mrs. Banks lipstick and nail polish come in her signature baby blue and light yellow colors. The design matches the floral motif, but the colors match her delightful coat from her first appearance in the film.

Bert’s Chalk Drawings Restored

Gabriela wanted to include an extra treat for the Mrs. Banks set. So, she restored the original artwork of Bert’s Magical Chalk Drawings and made them into a collectible postcard set. 

The postcards are a free gift when you buy the Mrs. Banks set. We can’t promise they’ll take you to an enchanted land of horse races and cartoons come to life, but they are a beautiful reminder of the film’s most magical moments.

To add a little more magic to your life, take a peek at our Disney Mary Poppins Collection.


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I have an interesting tidbit to share about Bert’s chalk drawings. I had the pleasure of interviewing the real life artist who created those drawings.

The artist, Jim Schaeffing recalled, “While working on Mary Poppins I did the chalk drawings on the sidewalk that Dick, Julie and the children jump into. I remember the workman brought each one of those large cement slabs (18”x 30") up to my studio to do in chalks. I was really excited thinking my work would be seen on screen. Lots of fun working in show business."

He is an amazing artist and a kindhearted person, who at 100 years old, is still going strong.

Rachel December 03, 2020

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