Stay At Home Fun: Favorite Quarantine Foods of the Bésame Team

While we're all staying at home, much of the Bésame team has become a little more adventurous in the cooking department. In case you'd like to add some new recipes to your repertoire or find a easy meal to make for dinner, here are some of the Bésame staff's favorite meals during quarantine. 


Black Bean Barbecue Chicken Pizza


My roommate and I wanted to make a meal out of everything we had at home; we had a premade Boboli crust, some Trader Joe's chicken strips, two cans of black beans, some mozzarella cheese, Sweet Ray sauce, cilantro, and tomatoes. Mashed the beans with garlic powder, cholula, red onion, and the barbecue sauce to give it a little extra bbq flavor and it was delicious!


Orange Marmalade


I learned how to make marmalade because we have an orange tree in our backyard. It took me three batches to finally figure it out! The first batch didn’t get enough pectin so it never solidified- it was like liquid with floating orange pieces. The second patch had enough pectin but the sugar got too hot and turned to candy. I let them set overnight and in the morning I checked and they were literally jars of solid hard candy, like orange toffee. Third batch took me almost my entire weekend to get it right but boy was it worth it because it turned out awesome! 


Easy & Yummy Pizza Dough

This is a recipe my wife had made once before, and realized it was not hard to make at all! Theres just a bit of planning involved so we decided why not give it a try again during quarantine!

Making bread honestly was very fun, seeing the bread rise and take shape gave us a little joyful moment in our day. All we did was stick to this recipe we found for “The best pizza dough recipe.” We do like to go a bit crazy with our seasoning, so we added some extra garlic salt, and dried oregano and rosemary leaves which totally sent the final pizzas over the moon.

It was such a fun way to prepare dinner and step out of our quarantine routine, I feel like we need to do that from time to time, and this is definitely another way to enjoy these little moments like spending our meals together.


Fancy Avocado Toast


Toast the bread, mash up half an avocado in a bowl with some lemon juice and Everything But the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joes. Spread it on the toast then add 2 slices of turkey meat on top. 


Rice and Delicious Protein

At my house, we are eating lots of rice with chicken, fish, or beans. Otherwise, we’ve been ordering Postmates from small restaurants near us who need the business right now.


Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

I have to be gluten free which can make baking a little harder. On the plus side, I get to try interesting new recipes! These muffins are made with bananas, eggs, peanut butter, cocoa powder...and that’s about it. I added extra chocolate chips, because my life can never have enough chocolate. You hardly taste the bananas and no one would guess they weren’t filled with gluten.


Creme Brûlée

I’ve been making creme brûlée over quarantine because it makes me feel fancy and its so fun to eat!


Disneyland Fantasy Burrito

Microwave bean burrito with La Victoria taco sauce, then I pretend to be at Rancho De Zocalo at Disneyland.


Cauliflower Rice Bowl 

Chicken and cauliflower rice bowls! It’s so healthy and so delicious!



Pasta with different sauces! It is easy and fast, and I can use whatever is left in the fridge at the time.



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