Oh! The Places You Won't Go! A Seussian Guide to Staying Inside

For some Dr. Seuss inspired ways to stay inside (and why it's so important), here's a little poem!

Today is your day
To make a big difference
To go home and stay!

You have brains in your head 
You have a great mind
Now go sit on the couch 
And binge Love Is Blind!
You might be on your own, but that doesn’t spell doom
Say hello to your friends and your family on Zoom.

You'll look up and down streets. Look 'em over with care.
About all you will say, "I don't choose to go there."
Though some places may seem fun and full of potential
You’re too smart to go anywhere that isn’t essential



And will you succeed? Do you have the nerve? 
By staying inside you help flatten the curve!


Take all this new time to learn a brand new hobby
Craft! Or read! Or watch films with Margot Robbie!


Put on a new lipstick, feel a little bit glam
And look extra good on that Google Hangouts cam
With more time to yourself, you can start a new era
And finally learn how to use Cake Mascara


But why stay inside with the big world out there?
Why not get up from your chair to breathe air without care?
Though it may not affect you, it’s just not acceptable
To go out in the world and infect those more susceptible.


So stay inside for the grandmas, grandpas, and loved ones we’ve prized
And don’t forget to help the immune-compromised!
From Tom Hanks, to Idris, to Auntie Kathleen
Staying inside stops the spread of COVID-19


It’s alright if you’ve cried, It’ll all be okay

Today is your day, now go home and stay!



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I love it! We will get through this ….and a little Seuss can do the trick!

Deborah Denaro April 16, 2020

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