Makeup With History

-Makeup With History-

Happy New Year Besame Girls! With the New Year we wanted to introduce our new campaign, which we call “Makeup With History”. At Besame we truly have a story for each product and we are excited to share with you our process, why we put so much research in to every product, and what makes it special. This campaign will be on our Blog, with monthly posts explaining different products, on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter by searching the hashtag #makeupwithhistory) and our YouTube page. We can’t wait to start sharing with you the inspiration behind each of our items and why we made it for you while we expand to new colors and new products that are made with just as much love and care as our current ones. As always, we thank you for joining us on this lovely adventure and we wish you a wonderful year filled with joy and glamour!



  • Casilda

    February 24, 2017

    I would love to buy a pinky coral ala Sophia Loren in the Besame brand. Their Tango Red is a little too orange for my medium olive complexion, so I over dab Marc Jacobs So Sophia on top. Besame is the only brand of lipstick I buy nowadays and I would like to add more to the seven I have.

  • Patricia Palilla

    January 05, 2017

    I’m looking so forward to this new chapter of Besame.

  • Valerie Hall

    January 05, 2017

    I love learning about the history of each item, color, & design choice. Thank you for sharing with us your wealth of knowledge! I cannot wait to see each new post & product, as they unfold.

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