Long Wearing, Long Lasting!

Our #BesameLipstickDiaries event is moving along fabulously! We are so thrilled to see all these wonderful pictures of your Besame shades lasting you through the day. Keep posting and using our hashtag to be featured! And let us know in the comments below what your go-to color is for a full day of wear! 


From: @midcentury_miss "My #besamelipstickdiaries The left photo is 7am and the photo in the right is 7pm. I love there lipsticks so much! My 1941 Victory Red can last breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!"



From: @kyattochan "#besamelipstickdiaries 8am-1pm through lunch breakfast and coffee and my lipstick game is still strong!"



From: @lipstickandlunacy "#besamelipstickdiaries six hours and my Portrait Peach hasn't budged!"


From: @charmingly_quaint "Taking up @besamecosmetics#besamelipstickdiaries challenge to post before and after photos of their lipsticks. The before was taken YESTERDAY at 1:00pm, and the after was taken this morning at 7:15. Even though it's faded some, their Merlot lipstick just doesn't quit!"



From: @classicallyjess "All month @besamecosmetics is putting their lipsticks to the test! I donned 1941 Victory Red on the North Carolinian shore for some fun in the sun. It conquered a road trip, sun, sand, and ocean air. Application is essential with these beautifully classic lipsticks. I always exfoliate and start with clean, dry lips. Once the lip color is fully applied, I blot using a tissue. For extra armor, Bésame Brightening Powder is applied through a tissue over my lips. Voilá! 💋"



From: @minicoopergirl93 "My #besamelipstickdiaries today took me to see Wonder Woman this evening! I only needed a minor touch-up after lunch today because I had an olive oil heavy meal (delicious but a bit rough on lipsticks!) .
Wearing a full face of #besamecosmetics in their new stick foundation in Natural Beige and True Beige, brown cake mascara, apricot cream rouge, and Cherry Red, my new favorite shade."

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