How to get a Salon Quality Manicure At Home

The new Bésame Nail Color line is out now, which makes it the perfect time to learn how to get the most glamorous nails. 

With a bit of prep, you can get a salon quality manicure at home. Here are the simple steps:


Use nail polish remover to get rid of any old polish and provide a clean base for your new manicure.


Use an emery board (or clippers if needed) to shape your nails. A rounded shape is often flattering as it elongates the look of your hands. File in one direction to avoid damaging the nails.

Safely remove cuticles

Apply cuticle remover and let sit for 2-3 minutes. Push cuticles back with an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Be gentle! Do not force, tear, or cut the skin. Once your cuticles are in place, rinse off excess remover.

Moisturize cuticles

Apply Cuticle Serum and gently massage the fingertips. This keeps the cuticles moisturized and healthy and makes your manicure look even better


Wash hands to remove any excess oil and or errant cuticle remover. Swipe nails with a small amount of polish remover to make sure that every nail is completely clean and dry.

Base Coat

Apply base coat. Don’t skip this step! The base coat protects and nourishes the nail, making the polish last longer and your nails grow stronger.


With your polish, start in the center of the nail and move outwards in thin, even layers. Let the first coat dry, then apply the second coat of polish.


Swipe the polish over the tip of the nails to cap the polish and seal in the color. This helps avoid chips and make your manicure last longer.

Top Coat

Once the polish is dry, apply one layer of Top Coat. Cap the nails with the Top Coat as well to protect the color.

Let dry completely

Be patient! Let nails dry completely before returning to your day. A good way to pass the time: Admire your beautiful, salon quality nails.

For classic colors with modern performance, try our new Bésame Nail Polish!



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Wow! This is exciting news. I hope Wild Orchid 💅🏻 will be offered as a polish in the future. Please! 💜 Please! 💜 Please! 💜

Mary November 19, 2020

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