How to Find the Perfect Blush

Blush can be tricky. Too little and you may look washed out, too much and you might look like you’re posing for an 80s album cover. Even when the amount is just right, it’s hard to pick a color that flatters your skin hair and outfit. Well, we’ve made it easy. Here’s our guide on finding the perfect blush!

Start With Your Undertone

The most flattering blush is the blush that matches your undertone. You may have a fair, medium, or darker overall skin tone, but the undertone makes a big difference when it comes to finding your best colors. This is why your friend with similar coloring might wear a blush that looks great on them but not so great when you put it on. The difference is undertone!

Undertones come in warm, neutral, or cool. Here’s an easy way to find your undertone:

Find something pure white — a t-shirt, dress, or even a sheet of printer paper. In natural light (fluorescents won’t do), hold the white item up to your face. If your face looks pink or rosy in comparison, you’re cool toned. If you look yellow-ish in comparison, you’re warm toned. If you don’t see either color - you’re neutral! 

To find out more about how to find your undertone (and the perfect red lipstick), read our guide.

Once you know your undertone, finding the right blush is easy. We’ll give you recommendations for both a natural, (no makeup makeup) look and a pop of color (nighttime, quirky) look.

Fair Skin with Cool Undertones

Most fair skin will naturally flush to a pink color. For a natural look, try to find a blush that matches that shade of pink. Next time you’re sweating it out at the gym, take a pic of that natural flush and see which blush comes the closest. Often, it’ll be a pale pink or rosy color. Don’t be afraid of something that looks bright in the pan! Sometimes a vivid pink will sheer out to the perfect natural flush.

If you’re looking for pop of color with your blush, try the Poppy Cream Rouge. Poppy is our newest shade. It’s not too peachy, not too bright, but does add a bolder hint of color than a light rose rouge.

Fair Skin with Warm Undertones

Peachy colors are ideal for a natural look. Apricot Cream Rouge looks very orange in the tin, but instantly blends to peachy perfection. Start with just tiny dab, blend, and admire the natural glow the rouge brings out in the skin.

For blush that makes a bigger color statement, try Crimson Cream Rouge. Again, use just a dab and the red tone blends into a vivid tone that’s perfect for nighttime looks.

Medium Skin with Cool Undertones

For a natural look, go for a bold pink. Some of these pinks look very 80s in the pan, but don’t worry. Applied properly, a bright pink will blend into your skin and match your natural flush looking gorgeous. If the pink looks too “old creepy doll” on you, try a lighter hand. You can always layer on more, but it’s harder to remove blush once you’ve reached the scary doll stage.

For a pop of color, try a deep peach. The tone will blend beautifully and adds an extra touch of warmth to the skin. Apricot Cream Rouge would be a great option.

Medium Skin with Warm Undertones

Deep peach colors are great for a natural look when you have medium skin and a warm undertone. These kinds of blushes often look less bright in the pan, but should still have a strong, peachy tone. The exception to this is cream based blushes like Apricot Cream Rouge. It looks bright, but melts into a beautiful color on Medium/Warm skin. Feel free to use a little more Apricot than your fairer friends, the slightly deeper tone will look lovely on you.

For a pop of color, try mauve. This slightly berry-toned blush adds a bit of drama to your makeup without looking overdone. Look for a blush with a deep mauve tone but avoid anything that leaves a greyish or white-ish cast.

Darker Skin with Cool Undertones


Regardless of undertone, if you have darker skin you should avoid any blush with a white base. Some powder blushes use a base of white powder, then mix in the colored pigment. On the skin, the base blocks out your natural skin tone and can make the blush look more obvious. On darker skin, the white base makes skin look dry or even grey.

To tell if your blush has a white base, swipe a sample of the blush on your hand. If the swatch fades into a greyish or white-ish tone, then it has a white base, and it’s not for you. With Cream Rouge, you don’t have to worry. They don’t have any kind of base and are meant to work with your natural skin tone while adding a natural wash of color.

Now we’ve got the white base out of the way, what color is best for a natural look on darker skin with cool undertones? Crimson! Vibrant reds look absolutely beautiful and add just enough color without seeming unnatural. Crimson Cream Rouge is a great choice for it’s high pigment and buildable color.

For a pop of color, try a salmon hue. The slight pinks and oranges add a brightness to the skin without overpowering your other makeup.

Darker Skin with Warm Undertones

A tangerine shade looks lovely on darker/warm skin. Don’t be afraid to try something bright. Often, a bold tangerine will beautifully blend and bring depth to your look. Though you could try something with more orange in the base, the Apricot Cream Rouge would be a great starting point, especially if you want something that stays very natural looking.

For a pop of color, try a raisin shade. It's dramatic without bringing overwhelming your overall look.

Whatever Your Undertone — Have Fun!

Having a certain kind of undertone doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one blush color for the rest of your life. It just helps you narrow down your options. Your outfit, lipstick, and eye makeup will also factor into what color to pick. If you’re wearing Bésame Red, a highly orange blush would clash — even if that orange blush is great for your deep, warm skin tone.

These tips will help you find a gorgeous blush color, but always feel free to experiment to find what’s best for you.

Blush can be tricky. Too little and you may look washed out, too much and you might look like you’re posing for an 80s album cover. Even when the amount is just right, it’s hard to pick a color that flatters your skin hair and outfit. Well, we’ve made it easy. Here’s our guide on finding the perfect blush!


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