"Holy Cow, I almost cried" Glowing Stories About Loose Brightening Powder

From love at first sight to tears of joy, our Loose Brightening Powders have encouraged a lot of passion amongst our Bésame Beauties! Our powders reduce redness, absorb oil, and give a lovely matte look, but they’ve also inspired a number of fascinating true tales from our happy customers. Here are some of our favorite stories of our Loose Brightening Powders.

Compliment Generator

Who knew that a touch of powder could transform you into a silver screen siren with legions of fans? Well, our powders might not make you famous, but Sherise M. felt like a glamour goddess when she first tried the Vanilla powder:

This is a compliment generator. From the second I opened the package I was in love. The container is pretty and I feel like a silver screen actress when I see it in my makeup kit. The powder applies easily and is very light on the skin. Almost too much so. I at first doubted I was even getting some on my face. 😆 But I must be because I’ve started getting compliments about how pretty my skin is. This hasn’t happened since I had kids. Lol. It smells lovely and stays on all day. I’ve thrown away all my other powders in favor of this. Definitely worth every penny! 

Bring You To Tears...In A Good Way

Usually, we don’t like to hear that our products made anyone cry. But when Nikki describes her nearly tearful moment after trying Vanilla Rose powder, we just had to share:

I have several Bésame lipsticks and I love them, but I was very skeptical of the powder. I have chronically dry skin, some scarring, and fine lines. I normally do not wear powder because it just makes things worse. But I read the other reviews and took a leap of faith. I went through surgery, chemo, and radiation last year, and I've had additional issues with dark circles and signs of aging since then. Even as I was putting it on, I was expecting it to do pretty much nothing. It's so light I couldn't imagine how it could. 

Holy. Cow. I almost cried. I looked more like old me than I have in a very long time. It didn't have that fake shimmery look that so much stuff does these days. It just softened, evened out, and brightened my skin in a way that looked completely natural and completely wonderful. It lasted all evening, and never got even the slightest bit cakey. I am utterly in love with this product! 

The Bright Side

Marta B. felt like she turned back the clock when she tried Vanilla Rose powder. She said:

I use this powder on my T-zone and it brightens up my face. I get nothing but compliments about how "glowy" I look. I'm 52 and have young women in their 20s asking me about what I'm using... and I'm more than happy to give them the link to Bésame and tell them to look at the entire line. I will be purchasing this powder again! 

A Jar To Cherish

With every product, we try to design a package that not only looks pretty, but will be useful long after the makeup is gone. After purchasing Vanilla Rose, Courtney M. said:

I love this brightening powder. It is so soft and light, it sets my makeup with no caking! I use it to blend and soften my contour as well. It smells divine and the packaging is so pretty I keep and reuse my jars! I've tried other face powders, but I come back to this every time! 

Like Mother Like Daughter

Usually, mothers and teenage daughters don’t have many items they can share. Yet, Summer H. and her child came together over French Vanilla. She said:

Very smooth! Does not leave a "cakey" coverage like others do. My 14 year old daughter uses it too! Also smells fantastic! - Summer H. 

Friend in a Jar

Though we can’t promise that French Vanilla powder will join a text chain with you, Laura insists that it has become a good friend to her vanity. She said:

If you need a setting powder and you have any issues with dark under eyes, or redness, MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND. The yellow tinge to this is ideal for both issues, and the scent is beautiful but light enough to not be annoying. Seems like a small pot, but this stuff will last you a while! So silky and a dream to use. 

Hooked on French Vanilla

Finding a brightening powder for darker skin tones can be a challenge. But Rukiya D. finally found one she loves in French Vanilla. She said:

I discovered Bésame products a few years ago and I am HOOKED! For my skin tone, this French vanilla is the perfect finishing/setting powder as it matches my golden tone. It is silky smooth and smells yummy! For richer toned gals this would be a perfect brightening powder. And most importantly...IT DOES NOT BREAK ME OUT!!! I have sensitive skin that clogs easily and I am so happy that this seems to keep my skin healthy and glowing. Favorite powder hands down!!!!! 

Rosacea Doesn’t Stand A Chance

If you’re dealing with rosacea, consider what Stephanie W. had to say about Vanilla powder:

I wish I had ordered this powder sooner! I suffer pink-flushed cheeks due to rosacea and this helps to cover most of the flush beautifully without irritating it. Love the vanilla scent and how light the powder feels on the skin. I highly recommend this powder! 


Summer Day Approved

Bernadette gave Vanilla Rose a test during a sweaty summer day and had this to say:

This is the best powder I have ever used. I got it as a sample and it quickly replaced my "old" powder. I wear it over my CC cream and the results are amazing - no need for make-up! And it lasts perfectly through a hot summer day

Relieving Acne

Our powder doesn’t clog pores and in Miranda S.’s case, it actually helped her breakouts. She said:

I looove this brightening powder so much! I have acne prone skin and this powder not only helps take away redness, but I’ve noticed that since buying it my acne has gotten better! I use it everyday with my Red Velvet lipstick!

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or in between, our powder helps brighten skin and leave a matte finish. After getting Vanilla powder, Carina R. said:

I don't go anywhere without this thing! I have really oily, acne prone skin; any other products I have tried end up looking cakey, feeling heavy, causing breakouts and smelling like baby powder. I tried this and loved it on the first try. This is the only thing I use, no foundation. Non cakey, natural tone and smells amazing! I touch up throughout the day without it feeling heavy on my skin. Easy to wash off. Oh, and did I mention I have little to no breakouts since I've started using it? I just wish it came in a bigger size as it is kind of pricey but definitely worth it. 

Lasts a Long Time

Though the powder container may look small, it lasts for quite a while. Samatha A. had this to say about Vanilla powder.

This setting powder came to me in a mini around two years ago as an extra in my Snow White Collection. First of all, I barely finished the mini around a month ago after a lot of use, and you bet I have my new full-size refill now. 
I have a medium skin tone with warm undertones and combo of oily+dehydrated skin and so most powders either are too cool toned for my whole face but this sucker keeps me matte but not dry a whopping eight hours. I have days where I will skip foundation and outright use this instead, and I always get compliments on how smooth it looks. Also, besides creamsicle, my favorite scent is vanilla, so I can tell you this hits close to home.

Follow Grandma’s Advice

Page’s grandma had some pretty good ideas about beauty and we think she’d approve of our Vanilla Brightening Powder. Page said:

"Beauty in a Jar '' was how my grandmother used to describe face powder. She was a young woman in the '30's and '40's, and wore little makeup...but she wouldn't think of going out without her lipstick on and powdering her nose. She would have loved the vanilla brightening powder, too. I love it. 
I have neutral to warm toned fair skin that tends toward ruddiness, and this tones my complexion without being heavy, or overdoing the yellow tones. I find the light scent of vanilla to be an added pleasure in my morning routine.  
I have shared my little jar of beauty with friends, who are now addicted to it's soft fragrance and nearly magical ability to even out the skin with little effort or feeling overdone. 

Under Eye Winner

The skin under the eyes is very sensitive and, no matter your age, is home to fine lines and often circles or some discoloration. Finding something that gives a bit of light to the area without creasing can be hard. But Emily found Vanilla Rose an excellent under eye solution:

The best powder for setting under eyes. Period. I have been seeking the perfect under eye setting powder for as long as I know now, and hadn't stopped looking until I came across this. Even beating out my runner-up, Laura Mercier's secret brightening powder, this powder is UNBELIEVABLE. Brightening, long-lasting, and a gorgeous finish. I was beginning to get a guilty conscious for not writing a review on such an amazing product. 

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