The Holiday Gift Guide for the Special Someone On Your List

This year, we’re helping you take the stress out of holiday shopping. With our holiday gift guide, you can get something special for all the special someones on your list (and maybe pick up an extra present for yourself!).

For the Friend Who Never Wastes Anything

Bésame Brown Cake Mascara, $25

Ever notice how much mascara is left in the tube, even when it’s time to throw it out? For anyone in your life who hates waste, they’ll love Bésame Brown Cake. With just a drop of water, the dry cake becomes a mascara, eyeliner, and brow filler — all in one! The Brown Cake comes in a reusable tin, with reusable brush, and stays good for two years! Also, it comes in in Black and Purple, all with the same long lasting power.

Since the cake doesn’t stay wet (like tube mascara), the makeup stays super clean which gives it the long natural shelf life. This is a gift your friends will love for years to come.


For The Person Who “Doesn’t Have Time for Makeup”

Crimson Cream Rouge, $18

Makeup can be quick, fun, and still glamorous. For the person in your life who doesn’t have a moment to spare, gift them Crimson Cream Rouge. This highly pigmented cream blush can be applied with your fingertips — and you only need the tiniest bit! Just one dot on the cheeks, a dot on your lips, rub it in and hooray — you’ve got a natural looking flush in less than a minute. Especially great for people with dry skin, this crimson rouge works as a lovely cheek/lip tint for a natural look.

For the Teacher Who Loves Bold Colors

Bésame Purple Cake Mascara, $25

Pinks! Greens! Blues! Purples! Your friend loves them all and is always on the lookout for the next bold color to add to their collection. The perfect fit might be our new Purple Cake Mascara. The deep, aubergine hue gives just a pop of color when used on the lashes and it’s especially beautiful for all the brown-eyed girls in your life. Just like the Brown Cake, this can also be used as eyeliner (which becomes an incredibly unique burgundy-plum) or for brows. So, if you have any friends with purple friends, this could be just what they’re looking for!

For the Friend Who Hasn't Found Their Perfect Red

Red Velvet Lipstick, $22

More and more women are having fun with makeup and we’re thrilled. So, when a friend needs a little help finding the right red, we recommend Red Velvet Lipstick. This deep red has a neutral undertone, so it looks great on any skin type, even the girl who says “I can never wear red.” The rich color makes a statement while still being totally appropriate for work, school, saving the world, or other daytime activities.

For The Friend Who Has Everything

Long Hair Finishing Brush, $50

We’ve finally found the answer to “what do you get for the person who has everything?” Well, if that person likes makeup, they’ll love our Long Hair Finishing Brush. This style of brush was popular on old Hollywood sets as a way of blending powder and getting that perfect, movie star complexion. Nowadays, this style of brush is incredibly hard to find — unless you head to Bésame Cosmetics! 

You can use the brush to blend your favorite loose powder, liquid foundation, cream foundation, and concealer. Not only is this vegan brush safe for the face, but the synthetic hair brush works perfectly all over the body to apply powder, shimmer, or anything else. And it’s so so soft! Beautiful on the vanity and in your hand, your hard-to-shop-for friend will appreciate this luxurious gift.

For the Friend Who Loves Disney

Sleeping Beauty 1959 Eyeshadow Palette, $68

Royal Vanity Mirror, $58

If you’ve got a friend who stayed up till 3am to be the first to watch Disney+, they’ll go crazy for the Sleeping Beauty 1959 Eyeshadow Palette or Royal Vanity Mirror. Featuring 20 matte shadows, the palette was meticulously recreated from the original Sleeping Beauty film. Creator Gabriela Hernandez actually went to Disney, found the old animation cells, and matched them exactly! 

The palette looks like a book from a fairy tale because it was modeled after a book from a fairy tale. Gabriela saw the actual book from the beginning of Sleeping Beauty and made a near exact copy to hold her brilliant eyeshadows. 

Even if your Disney-fan friend doesn’t love makeup, they’ll adore the Royal Vanity Mirror. The metal cast, rose-gold plated collectors item is incredibly beautiful and should be on the vanity of any Sleeping Beauty fan.

For the Friend Who's Getting Back Into Makeup

1969 - Dusty Rose Lipstick, $22

For the friend that newly appreciates the self care a good lipstick can bring, Dusty Rose Lipstick is the perfect shade. Based on a color from 1969, this dark, mauvey pink looks flattering on every skin tone and works great as a “your lips but better” kind of color. It matches nearly any look and outfit and it’s the perfect piece to make your friend fall in love with makeup.

For the Person Who's Always On The Run

Cashmere Powder Compact, $30

Quick, easy, and fast! This beautiful compact is easy to take with you and apply on the go. Whether you're getting ready at home, in the gym, or in the car (not while driving, please!), this powder foundation goes on smooth and gives you a flawless finish in minutes.

For the Friend Who Loves Science

Ink and Paint Lipstick, $24

Amaze your friend with our color changing lipstick! Inspired by Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary, we made Ink and Paint - a lip that changes from black to berry based on your personal pH. Once the color changes, it stays on all day! It's beauty, science (and a little magic!, all in one adorable tube. 

For the Friend Who Loves History

1941 - Victory Red Lipstick, $22

Though there’s history behind every Besame product, one of the most special is our Victory Red Lipstick. During World War II, the government allowed lipstick production to continue to keep up morale and make women feel confident as they found new places in the workforce. Gabriela wanted to replicate the color of this important lipstick but had a tough time finding examples. The color was so popular, even vintage makeup collectors could hardly find a tube for themselves. Thankfully, Gabriella found the lipstick, replicated the color, and now we have Victory Red. And the memory of the women of World War II can live on forever.

For the Coworker Who’s Obsessed with Pink

Briar Rose Blush Palette, $35

Sleeping Beauty Pink Lipstick, $24

The Briar Rose Blush Palette and Sleeping Beauty Pink Lipstick is part of our Sleeping Beauty collection, but you don’t need to be a Disney lover to appreciate our highly pigmented pinks. In the palette, the light pink blush, magenta blush, rose highlighter, and sparkling cream highlighter look beautiful on the cheeks and make lovely eyeshadows. The shimmers give a brilliant glow, without looking too glittery, while the blushes take just the tiniest amount to give your face a lovely, natural flush. Sleeping Beauty Pink is a medium toned pink that stays on all day and perfectly completes any rosy ensemble.

For the Boss Who’s Always Dressed Impeccably

1925 - Forever Red Lipstick, $22

When your boss is a fashion and makeup maven, give them a gift that’ll make them feel even more powerful — our Forever Red Lipstick. Based on a color from 1925, this classic red looks great on any skin tone and always makes a statement. Nothing says “in charge” like a gorgeous red lip. So, after you get one for your boss, go ahead and get one for you, too!


Completely obsessed with your Disney lines you came out with unfortunately I was not able to pick up the Snow White Collection or mirror I would love for you guys to continue to create more Disney that’s absolutely the best and the quality that you guys provide amazing please really consider The Little Mermaid collection

GEO December 12, 2019

Love your products and beautiful packaging!! I like neutral colors, could you make an eye pallette in Taupes, beiges, bronzes, and soft browns, and lipsticks in really light pink and lavender? I also fell in love with your decades fragrances, I hope you will consider bringing them back, and also maybe gardenia or a vanilla scent..that would be wonderful !! Thank you for making things that really make us feel feminine!

Tonda December 12, 2019

I am also upset that I can’t find the creme mascara. Also, items were taken out of my cart in less than 12 hours, only to reappear on eBay for twice the price! Don’t let people buy in bulk!

Tamara Welch December 12, 2019

Hello! Mindy here. I was wondering if you were going to re release any of the replicated fragrances. I missed out out on them and am so bummed abt it. I would love to purchase them and see what the ladies options were back in the day! Thanks!!!!!

mindy hussey December 12, 2019


EuVqDJamSc December 11, 2019

Please re-release the Agent Carter line!

Barbara December 02, 2019

Bring back the agent carter compact!

Mandy December 02, 2019

Hi, I’m noticing many of your products are no longer listed. Are you removing yourself from your vintage branding? Please advise if that is the case. Many lovers of besame have been very upset with the discontinuing of items.

CAROLINE RUOF November 26, 2019

Hello! I love the products! Will you ever rerelease the Snow White mirror? I missed out on it and I want it so badly! People are selling them for an outrageous price. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Leah Cantrell November 25, 2019

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