Holiday Deals You Don't Want to Miss

'Tis the season for savings! We've got bundles of deals for all your holiday shopping needs! With discounts on old favorites and a few new items, you'll have an array of lovely gifts to put under the tree.  

    Mini Lipstick Set

    Mini 1925-Forever Red, Mini 1963-Portrait Pink, Mini 1970-Chocolate Kiss, Lipstick Pin - $20

    Take a tour through the decades with our Mini Lipstick Set! For less than the price of one lipstick, you get to try three of our most popular colors. Don't let the size fool you — each mini lip gets at least 30 wears! Plus, get an adorable lipstick pin!

    This set includes:

    • 1925 - Forever Red - Deep red with cool undertones
    • 1963 - Portrait Pink - Pastel baby pink
    • 1970 - Chocolate Kiss - Milk chocolate brown with a hint of red

    Bésame Cake Mascara Bundle

    Bésame Cake Mascara, Cake Refill, Tray, Brush Set - $50

    Save over $30 with our Bésame Cake Mascara bundle. Just add a drop of water and this dry cake becomes a wonderful mascara, eye liner, and brow filler! Perfect for anyone who loves glamorous lashes, clean beauty, and minimal waste. 

    This set includes:

    • Bésame Cake Mascara
    • Bésame Cake Refill
    • Bésame Cake Mascara Tray
    • Mascara Wand
    • Bésame Eyeliner Brush
    • Bésame Wristlet

       1940's Set

      1946-Red Velvet Lipstick, Crimson Cream Rouge, Lip Brush, Lipstick Sleeve, and Bésame Wristlet - $50

      Step into the era of Victory Rolls and Dior's New Look — for less! Save over $30 when you get our 1940's favorites in one delightful bundle.

      This set includes:

      • 1949 - Red Velvet Lipstick
      • Crimson Cream Rouge
      • Bésame Lip Brush
      • Vegan Leather Lipstick Sleeve
      • Bésame Wristlet

      1950's Set

      1959 Red Hot Red Lipstick, Lip Brush, Vanilla Brightening Powder, Bésame Wristlet - $40

      Give the gift of glamour with our 1950's set. From Marilyn Monroe's favorite lip color to an impeccable setting powder, this bundle has everything you need to feel like a movie star. 

      This set includes:

      • 1959 - Red Hot Red Lipstick
      • Bésame Lip Brush
      • Vanilla Brightening Powder
      • Bésame Wristlet

        1960's Set

        1965-Portrait Peach Lipstick, Apricot Cream Rouge, Bésame Wristlet - $35

        For all your Mod loving friends, get this easy to wear 1960's set. The Apricot Cream Rouge leaves a natural, slightly coral flush on the cheeks while Portrait Peach makes you feel like you stepped right out of a Twiggy photo shoot.

        This set includes:

        • 1965 - Portrait Peach Lipstick
        • Apricot Cream Rouge
        • Bésame Wristlet

        Rose Hand Cream and Powder Set

        Blushing Rose Hand Cream, Vanilla Rose Brightening Powder - $10

        This rosy set delivers a touch of springtime whenever you need it. The Rose Hand Cream moisturizes beautifully without being greasy while the Vanilla Rose Powder reduces redness and brings brightness to the skin. Both have a lovely, subtle scent of rose.

        This set includes:

        • Blushing Rose Hand Cream
        • Vanilla Rose Brightening Powder

        Royal Sleeping Beauty Set

        Sleeping Beauty 1959 Eyeshadow Palette and Decorative Base - $68

        For all the Disney fans on your list, this exquisitely detailed Sleeping Beauty collection is the perfect gift. Just add the 1959 Eyeshadow Palette to your cart and you'll get the velvet pedestal for free!

        The bundle includes:  

        • 1959 Eyeshadow Palette - 20 matte shades painstakingly recreated from colors on the original Sleeping Beauty animated cells
        • Display Base - Show off your palette with our decorative pedestal

        Ceramic Powder Holder and Puff Set

         Art Deco Ceramic Powder Holder and Powder Puff - $25

        Feel utterly luxurious every time you apply powder with our new Art Deco Ceramic Powder Holder and Puff set. The puff itself is very soft and can be used for your face, décolletage, or body.

        This set includes:

        • Art Deco Ceramic Powder holder
        • Powder Puff


        Note: Powder is NOT included



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