Save the galaxy with Bésame!

Ready to try out our Infinity Stones Shadow set, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! These six, highly pigmented metallic shadows are the most excellent tool in any makeup lover’s arsenal. You can use them alone for a bold blast of color, or blend together softly for a subtle, everyday look. Get your set here, and let’s get started! 


The Power Look

Step One - Prep the lid by applying Vanilla Rose Setting Powder over the entire eye lid. This is an easy way to neutralize any blue or purple tones in your skin!

Step Two - Using our Raspberry Delicate Rouge, place it in the outer corner of the eye and blend upward into the crease.

Step Three - Using the purple Power Stone, start in the outer corner and blend into the crease, softly. 

Step Four - The Black Cake Mascara is then used to finish the look - as a thin line of eyeliner and on the lashes! Totally beautiful! 



The Time Look

Step One - First, apply a light layer of the green Time Stone to the middle of your eye and blend outward to soften. Just a touch of shadow on your fluffiest brush will do. 

Step Two - Slightly deepen the outer corner of the eye by patting on a second layer of the Time Stone.

Step Three - Wet your Bésame eye liner brush and use the Time Stone as eyeliner - then, wing it out!

Step Three - Finish with Black Cake Mascara, and you’re ready for some far out adventures!

The Gauntlet Look

Step One - Start by placing the purple Power Stone on the outer third of the right eye, and blend the outer edge.

Step Two - Place the Space Stone in the middle of the eye, slightly over-lapping the Power Stone. Don’t forget to blend! 

Step Three - Place the Time Stone over the inner third of the right eye, into the inner corner. Softly blend the colors together to get the rainbow!

Step Four - Let’s start the second eye. Place the red Reality Stone in the outer third of the left eye, and blend out the edges.

Step Five - Take the copper Soul Stone and place it on the middle of your lid and blend into the Reality Stone. 

Step Six - Use the gold Mind Stone in the inner corner of your right eye and blend into the Soul Stone. Be sure to blend the colors together to have that beautiful rainbow effect!

Step Seven - Finish with wicked sharp winged liner on both eyes, and a double coat of black Cake Mascara. 



Be sure to tag us in all of your Infinity Stones looks! Use the hashtag #BesameInfinity to share on social media! 

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