Fun At Home: Classic Films and Favorite Products of the Bésame Team

Now that we all have a little (or a lot!) more time at home, it's a great opportunity to catch up on some classic films! We asked the Bésame team to give their favorite vintage movie and share which Bésame item is bringing them a bit of comfort during quarantine. 


Favorite vintage movie: It Happened One Night
(Available for rent on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: Red Velvet lipstick


Favorite vintage movie: Mary Poppins
(Available on Disney+ or for rent on YouTube)
Favorite product: That's really hard to choose! Black Cake Mascara or Cashmere Powder.


Favorite vintage movie: Dr. Strangelove
(Available free on Crackle, for rent on YouTube or Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: Blushing Rose Hand Cream


Favorite vintage movie: Xanadu because of its whimsical storyline and stunning visuals.
(Available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, and iTunes)
Favorite product: Forever Red Lipstick because it goes with everything and it always brightens my day!


Favorite vintage movie: Casablanca is my favorite movie of all time, everyone should watch it. Fun Fact: They didn’t have an ending when they started filming the movie, so they didn’t know whether Ilsa would pick Rick or Victor. Instead, they told Ingrid Bergman to “play it down the middle."
(Available to rent on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: I'm using our new creams and toner. They aren't for sale yet, but I'm helping make sure that they work. 


Favorite vintage movie: Vertigo - a dizzying psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your toes in true Hitchcock fashion. It also has stunning shots of San Francisco throughout the film.
(Available for rent on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: Cherry Red was my first Bésame purchase and it's been my favorite color in the line-up ever since. It plays well with my dark hair, pale skin, and green eyes.


Favorite vintage movie: It's A Wonderful Life
(Available for rent on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: I'm also testing new creams and skincare.


Favorite vintage movie: Singin' in the Rain. The dance numbers are magical and it's oddly appropriate for the time. In the movie, talking films could potentially destroy their careers, but they change tactics and end up wildly successful. We're all kind of doing the same thing right now...minus the tap dancing.
(Available for rent on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product:  Ink & Paint Lipstick


Favorite vintage movie: Sunset Boulevard! It's perfectly plotted, beautifully shot, bitingly clever, and a GREAT watch if you've never seen it before.
(Available for free on Crackle, for rent on YouTube and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: I'm a Blood Red girl. It's my favorite special occasion color and it makes me feel effortlessly glamorous whenever I put it on.


Favorite Vintage Movie: Roman Holiday 
(Available free on Crackle, for rent on YouTube and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: Portrait Peach Lipstick


Favorite Vintage Movie: Some Like It Hot, I'm obsessed with Ms. Monroe! (Available for rent on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime)
Favorite product: Red Hot Red Lipstick


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Jumping across the pond, I am a great fan of the British film makers Powell and Pressburger. Their heyday was in the forties. One of my favorites (maybe my most favorite!) is “I Know Where I’m Going!” (1945). Wendy Hiller sparkles and shines as a stylish young woman on her way to be married to a wealthy man only to be waylaid by a storm and the dashing Roger Livesey. Superb black & white photography by Edward Hillier captures both 1940s glamour and the moody and mystical atmosphere of the Hebrides.

“A Matter of Life and Death” (1946) stars the charming David Niven as a British pilot who falls in love with an American radio operator played by the all-American Kim Hunter (is that Victory Red lipstick that she is wearing?). With both black & white and technicolor photography, it was the very first Royal Film Performance which took place after the War ended.

Portraying nuns, the actresses wear no makeup except in the notorious ‘lipstick scene’ (hmm, American Beauty lipstick?) in “Black Narcissus” (1947). Kathleen Byron spirals into madness after she confronts Deborah Kerr. Gorgeous technicolor photography by Jack Cardiff and design by Alfred Junge, most of the breathtaking Himalayan scenery was created in the studio: pure magic!

“The Red Shoes” (1948) stars Moira Shearer as the prima ballerina caught between her conductor husband and her director. The Hans Christian Andersen tale overtakes the ballerina as she dances out of control (wearing Red Velvet lipstick?).

Gwendolyn Chambrun April 08, 2020

I watch “Gone With The Wind” every year. Filmed in 1938, it’s 4 hours of big, opulent, stirring romance and drama set in the era of the US Civil WarSome of it is dated, still, it does what only a Hollywood movie can do, tell a big story in a big way about characters you care about very much.
The book, by Margaret Mitchell of Atlanta, is ideal for this self isolating era. A first novel, it clicks in at 1472 pages of a enchantment.
Question: What do Besame mavens think of the 💄 makeup, hairstylings and costumes for stars Vivian Leigh, Olivia de Havilland and rest of the cast? The soundtrack is thrilling and evocative. Enjoy!!

LadyViolet April 06, 2020

Just watched 2 old film noir movies: Laura with the beautiful Gene Tierney and The Conspirators with the incredible Hedy Lamar (beauty and brains; thank her for your cell phone).
Would love to know the lipstick colors they wore and if Besame has similar.
Love your lipsticks!

Theresa Schmid April 06, 2020

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