Fall Favorites

Every year we wait patiently for Fall to arrive and bring with it the cooler weather, changing leaves and ability to break out our extensive vintage sweater collections.

As we change over our closets to reflect the new season we also like to take a look at our makeup drawers and move our Fall colors to the front as well! While we believe you can wear all of our Bésame shades year round, there is some fun in wearing darker colors in the later months of the year. We came up with a list of our go-to shades for Autumn as well as some of our favorite seasonal products.


1922 Blood Red - There is something magic about this shade. With an undertone of true red and no pink, this color looks perfect on cool and warm complexions. Wear it full on for a dark and dramatic look or as a stain for a freshly bitten lip effect.



1933 Merlot - The perfect wine colored red! This shade is all glamour and neutral enough for every day wear on any skin tone. Pair it with a golden sweater or cardigan and watch as you turn the heads of every one that passes by.



1946 Red Velvet - As luxurious as velvet and as beautiful too. Our most popular red is also the most perfect Fall color. Suitable for all skin tones and great for day to night looks. Wear it all the way through to Winter for perfect vintage glamour every day!



1970 Chocolate Kiss - As beautiful as the changing trees of the season, this neutral milk chocolate brown will become an instant favorite! This lovely shade is especially flattering on red heads but perfect for all skin tones.



1920 Cake Mascara - Now is the time to go a bit darker on those lashes and extend that dramatic cat eye. With that in mind you’ll definitely want to turn to our Cake Mascara. Layer upon layer and build and build with no clumps or smudges. Add some beautiful neutral eye shadow and a bold lip and you have the perfect Fall makeup look!



1915 Rose Delicate Rouge - Flushed pink cheeks signal the arrival of cooler weather! This long lasting powder rouge is based off an exact shade from 1915 that our founder Gabriela has in her vintage makeup collection. A deep Rose color that is perfect for any skin tone!



1930 Raspberry Delicate Rouge - A little goes a long way with our Delicate Rouges. This soft pastel rose color adds just the right amount of drama for a stroll through the pumpkin patch. Pair it with 1933 Merlot, some finger waves and a pair of oxfords and you are all set for Fall!



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