Besame Supporting the Veterans

Thank you to all the ladies who expressed their feelings about the meaning of Victory Red. It is a very special color to us here at Besame. There were some questions in your comments about another WWII color that was released later in 1944 called Montezuma Red.  This color was commissioned by the government and made to match the chevrons in the Marine's uniforms as well as the cords on their hats. Having seen the shade and also having some of the hats in our collection, I have a strong suspicion that the color was very close to Victory Red. I spent over 3 years searching and researching to develop Victory Red and I am proud of how true to the era it turned out. For this year, we are sold out of this special edition shade packaged with a replica Victory Pin. We are proud to have collected $10,000 to donate to help veterans with Hope for the Warriors. The color Victory Red is now available through and our website in the regular package without the pin. We will continue to make Victory Red Special Editions to support our veterans with another batch of our special packaging and a new surprise item each year. If you have a veterans' charity that is dear to your heart and you would like us to consider them for the 2017 edition of Victory Red please let us know. Thank you again for all the love and support for Victory Red and our veterans.


  • Callie

    I absolutely love this color, it makes me feel brave and fearless. I feel like I am boosting the morale of myself and others. Thank you Besame!♡♡♡

  • Pilar G. Zuniga

    I am so please with this color. It’s a beautiful red. I totally support the cause! Many thanks Besame’

  • Megan Kenny

    Will it be another year before a limited Victory Red?

  • Gabriella Zavala

    This is another reason I love besame so much. ❤❤❤

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