Besame Cosmetics Lipstick Diaries #2

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick Diaries
We are nearing the end of our fabulous Lipstick Diaries Challenge! It has been so amazing to see all of your posts about how long wearing your Besame lipstick is! Though the campaign is officially almost over, we do hope you will continue to post your challenge results using our hashtag: #BesameLipstickDiaries for as long as you want! We love to go through them and read all the great reviews and suggestions! <3 
From: @solanah "Today on my stories I show my technique for long lasting lipstick, with @besamecosmetics of course! This shade is 1939 Tango Red, and it's wearing beautifully all day long. Follow along today, and be sure to check out #besamelipstickdiaries for more peeks into how Besame lipstick lasts!"
From @miss_tammisavoy "Happy Friday! Check out my new blog post about Besame Cosmetics. I'll be discussing my favorite products and the new Cashmere Foundation. Let me know what you think!"
From: @eviegrace_22 "@besamecosmetics Red Velvet wear test; through eating, drinking, and humid gardening today. No touch ups."
From: @laurannorr "Bésame for daysss~ Victory Red before and after many tacos. Brb drowning myself in their lipsticks"
From: @mymessythrillinglife "So I decided to join the @besamecosmetics#besamelipstickdiaries lipstickdairies challenge . I chose @besamecosmetics Cherry red lipstick color the day after I moved into my new place.I was so busy that day unpacking, picking up funiture ,eating ,drinking etc I didn't have time to fuss with stuff. I put my lipstick on at 10 am (pic on left) and I didn't reapply at all that day (even forgot to carry my tube in my purse !) .Picture on the right is taken at 7pm. I looked tried (I was exhausted ) ,but that cherry red lipstick is still going strong without a SINGLE touch up! I have a a ton of lipstick ,but when I wear @besamecosmetics lipstick I'm always amazed at its like no other lipstick out there,it's a tough one to beat! :)"
From: @missventuravintage "4 am start time 4 pm , worked all day at the flea market , drank coffee , ate guacamole, mangonadas . I never retouched my lipstick or eyes and all of it is @besamecosmetics#besamelipstickdiaries my favorite is V for victory and I use the black cake mascara for brows liner and lash . My favorite cosmetic company hands down I can't wait to try the foundation"

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