Agent Carter: Basic Training Palette

Welcome Agents to your informational session demonstrating the latest technology from Stark Industries! We will be utilizing the 106 Passport Shadow Palette, so grab yours and let’s go!

This unique travel document resembles a vintage British passport, marked with an undercover identity, and houses a collection of six silky shadows inspired by the adventures of Agent Peggy Carter.  You can easily use all six shadows to create beautiful day time looks, and more dramatic night time looks! Click here to purchase.

For this soft day time look, we used Allies, Leviathan and Zero Matter.

Step one: Apply Allies all over the lid and blend
Step two: Lightly blend into the outer corner with Leviathan.
Step three: Using Zero Matter, highlight the inner corner of your eye and the brow bone. 
Step four: Finish with a thin line of Cake Mascara at the lash line, and use the Cake Mascara on your lashes to darken and lengthen. 

Now for the night look! This more dramatic look is not your typical GI look, and should be reserved for a night out on leave or an undercover mission. 

Step one: Apply Midnight Oil over the entire lid and blend
Step two: Apply Dugan above Midnight Oil in the crease and blend upward, creating a smoky look. Then apply Midnight Oil on the lower lash line, and blend. 
Step three: Use English on the brow bone, and the inner corner.
Step four: Finish the look with a strong winged liner using the black Cake Mascara. Also apply the Cake Mascara to your lashes, for a defined look. 


Both looks can be finished with a dusting of the 105 Invisible Dusting Powder  on your face to help combat shine and set, and 102 Sweet Dreams (Red Velvet) on your lips. 

Good luck out there, Agents! To view this tutorial as a video, be sure to visit our YouTube channel

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