Powder Perfection


Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a woman never left the house without her powder compact. With this in mind, we’re expanding our Translucent Powder Collection this Spring in Sephora, for more perfect color-correcting. Here’s a sneak-peek:

  • Brightening Violet Powder color corrects yellow tones and sallow tones in the skin. For light-medium skin tones.
  • Vanilla Powder color corrects red and pink tones in the skin. For light-medium skin tones.
  • French Vanilla color corrects red and pink tones in the skin. For medium skin tones.
  • New! Vanilla Chai color corrects red and pink tones in the skin. For dark skin

Our Powders are created for color-blending. Combine them to create a custom-shade that doesn’t mask your skin, but balances your tone for a radiant, polished look.

For decades, the euphemism for visiting the ladies room was “I just need to powder my nose.” But in fact, most young women who came of age in the 1960s and 1970s didn’t gravitate to wearing powder – possibly because they associated chalky results with the older generation.

Wearing of face powder reaches far back into history, to ancient Rome when aristocrats whitened their skin by patting ground lead onto their faces. We don’t recommend this.

Makeup was spurned during austere medieval times, but made a huge come-back beginning in the Renaissance, when both men and women powdered their faces—and their elaborate wigs—for centuries as part of confection-like m. In some eras, they really do look like towering wedding cakes (yes, think of Marie Antoinette—and “Amadeus”!) dusted with baker’s sugar! The Puritans and other colonial hard-liners made makeup a no-no again during colonial times, but here’s the truth: women love to look and feel glamorous. It is a persistent human need. Today, a well-groomed face looks its best with powder.

Here’s the good news: face powders do not have to be chalky, ladies! In fact, just the opposite. The ideal functions of powder are to brighten the skin, subtly color-correct a pale or sallow look, to set cream foundation and concealer, and of course to subtly blot shine, especially in the T-zone, for an elegantly matte (but not conspicuously dry) finish. The superfine particles of our translucent loose powders and compact pressed powders also are ideal for throwing flattering light onto the face, like wearing a string of pearls. This is helpful for women who tend to have dark circles under the eyes. Properly applied, powder can make your skin look velvety, more rested and more balanced.

And our formula is skin-loving, with no parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates. For soothing hydration, our Powders are made with Vitamin C, Squalane and Lecitihin, so you may be sweet but won’t look like a powdered donut.

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