1920's Black Cake Mascara

Our Cake Mascara lasts until consumed and offers increased sanitary protection! Brushes can be rinsed after use immediately with water, leaving no bacteria behind!

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    • Victoria Thomas

      I JUST received this Black cake mascara as a gift and may I tell you, it has brought glamour back into my day? I suffered a traumatic facial injury this past summer. Now, it sounds like a bad comedy routine. But I was moving a huge potted cactus on our patio, and as I struggled with it, the thorns hit my right cheek just below the eye. The burning, tearing, massive bruising and swelling persisted for many weeks and my right eye is sensitized to light and cosmetics. I was afraid to wear makeup after a few bouts of conjunctivitis — not pretty. But I tried this mascara, and used it as an eyeliner, this week, after a long period of makeup deprivation. It makes all the difference in the world. The consistency and texture are easy to control. My lashes stand out but do not look extreme, and it’s easy to use as a classic liquid liner, too. Muchas gracias, Besame!

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