Summer Is Here!

The weather is warm, and the flowers have bloomed! Our stunning
products are becoming more accessible to you daily! Don't forget 
to spot us online and in store at your local Sephora! Where will 
you bring your Bésamefavorites? Where ever you take them don't 
forget to take a photo, upload and hashtag






Love the summer season but unsure of your summer      colors? Never fear Bésame dolls, We've got you covered! What will you choose for your summerlooks? Bright and bubbly? Warm and flirtatious? Here are a few delightful looks using all Bésameproducts! This Bésame doll is using our beloved Apricot Cream Rouge! It's the perfect cream product for the want season that will keep your skin glow with viberence and moisture! This product may also be used on the lips as a sheer creamy coverage! As far as the lipstick goes, there's nothing more suiting than our very own Tango Red! This color is a color replicated from the 1930's. This color is the perfect blend between red and coral creating a peachy wear for every skin color! Looking for a little more hydration on that pout? Well Bésame beauty you won't think twice at our new and improved Bésame Sweetheart Lipglaze in color Tangerine! This Lipglaze has been re-invented into tube form! Making it easy and sweet to apply to the lips! Not only is this an item that you can wear alone but it also look fantastic over our warmer lip colors! Bésame Tangerine Lipglaze is formulated with squalene, vitamin C and aloe. Making it moisturizing for a long lasting, pigmented wear! To finish this tutorial off we couldn't resist showing you our stunning Long Hair Finishing brush! This brush is designed to bring back glamour and luxury to the process of creating your look. Designed to buff powder or cream with faux hair, it blends color with ease and glides effortlessly onto the skin. The handle is designed to resemble brushes available to Hollywood makeup artist during the 1930's. Softest finest man made hair Luxurious boudoir brush for face and body and cruelty free. Thank you for tuning in! Until next time Bésame Gals! 


  • Marina

    December 20, 2015

    I got a new iphone for chrtmisas too. Nice hubbys we have At least you had a flip phone.. I haven’t had a cell for 8 YEARS!!! do you know how crazy that is? 8 YEARS!!!! needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying living the i life now

  • chase

    July 21, 2015

    Love the Apricot Cream Rouge! Gorgeous product and gorgeous gal!!

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