1938 Cream Rouge

1938 Cream Rouge
Our 1938 Cream Rouge flushes your cheeks in a natural and alluring way. Since the beginning it has always been considered good beauty practice to add some nice color to the cheeks, giving them a youthful glow and a healthy look. We designed our Cream Rouge to match the most popular cheek colors of the 1930s. Apricot was used to create a natural look, ideally worn in the daytime and perfect for all skin tones. Our Crimson color was worn for a more flushed look. Blushing cheeks were a staple of the 1930s and continue to be today! Both of these gorgeous rouges can also be used on the lips for an easy two in one product that is great for on the go travel! Plus, they are Vegan too! Just apply with fingers in a circular motion until completely blended. Take a look at our Crimson shade in the video below! 

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Women from all ethnicities were dressed to the nines from the Titanic era and we’ll into the following wars. WWI spilled over into WWII. They keep it real in those days. Nothing less than perfection. I will give Besame Cosmetics a grand hoorah. I like the attention to detail on the nail care kit. Well poised towards the lipstick shades. I closing, Miss Gabriel, keep ’em coming. Thanks Kathy Mason.

Kathy Mason December 16, 2020

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