All About BROWS!

As Bésame beauties, we all know how important our brows are to complete our desired look! We want to show you how we like to do our brows using our favorite products!
What you'll need:
Items you will need: Bésame Cake Mascara (in brown), light pencil, tweezers, a cup of water, concealer, and a stiff-angled brush.
Step 1: Brush brows in an upward motion.
Step 2: Take your light pencil and measure from the edge of your nose to the front of your brow and make a mark.
Then make a mark on the arch and tail of your brow.
Step 3: Review marks to ensure that this is the shape of the brow you want.
Step 4: Remove any unwanted hairs with tweezers.
Step 5: Activate Bésame Cake Mascara with water, by dipping applicator and shaking off excess water.
Step 6: Rub applicator back and forth onto cake for thirty seconds to activate the cake.
Step 7: Brush product through the front and arch of the brow.
Step 8: Define arches and tail of brow by using the opposite end of the applicator.
Step 9: Clean up the edges of the brow by using a concealer or foundation using stiff-angled brush.
And Voìla!!!!!!!! C'est Magnifique, non?!
XOXO Bésame Cosmetics!


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    Will this product make a come back?

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    I just founded this site, and I so happy Love it❤️ And now I must try it! Mercy❤️

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