Want your lipstick to last all day? We can help!

As Bésame Beauties, we all love wearing our Bésame lipsticks, and while our Bésame lipsticks last a very long time ( Seriously, only needing to reapply once all day!), we have found some tricks and tips that will make your lipstick last from dawn to dusk!
Products you will need
(Sweetheart lip balm, Brightening Violet Powder, Lip Brush, Powder Brush, and Bésame lipstick of your choice)
1. Make sure you start with moisturized lips!  This will allow for a smooth application.  If you want to take it a step further, try exfoliating your lips then moisturizing, to make sure all dead skin of the lips is removed.  Complete this step with enough time to let your moisturizer dry and to make sure your lips are not oily before you begin the next step.
2.  Take your everyday powder brush, add a little bit of powder and lightly go over your lips.
3.  Line your lips using your Bésame lipstick and a brush to give the precise edge of your lips like a liner would.
4. Apply your lipstick.  Be careful when applying and if you find it easier, use a brush for precision. First do one coat and if you feel like another is necessary first blot then reapply.
5. Take a tissue and pull it apart so it is only one ply and lightly lay on top of your lips.  Pick up your powder brush and powder over your lips.
And Voilà! You are finished and ready to rock you Bésame lips all day!
* Many other  beauty blogs will advise you to use a liner before applying lipstick. You do not need a liner with Bésame lipsticks.


  • Tzippi

    How does this stay when drinking water and tea?

  • Maribel

    You should relaly wear it to school, it looks amazing! Embrace it! I too feel a little shy with wearing such bold colours on my lips. But dress for yourself, not to please others! xoccowland.blogspot.com/

  • sonia

    Could you tell me wich shade is this one?

  • Betty

    Ooh that looks so pretty what shade of red did you use on her?

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