1930s Waterproof Mascara

Have you ever wondered how Jean Harlow got her lashes to be so full, long and clump-free? Or how women from the late 1930s were able to keep their glamorous lashes at the beach after a nice refreshing swim? Well for starters, Miss Harlow probably had a wonderful make-up artist who used waterproof mascara.   As for the women who remained effortlessly beautiful throughout a day at the beach and still had lashes to die for— the same thing! (The waterproof mascara, not the make-up artist) Bésame Cosmetics now brings the beauty of the late 1930s straight to you with the new and reformulated 1930s waterproof mascara! Our new mascara allows you to perfect your lashes for the look you are trying to achieve, because it has a 5-minute drying time! Our mascara is also buildable, fragrance- free, flake- free and conditioning to give your lashes that beautiful look you desire without using any harsh ingredients. And if that isn’t enough of a reason to try our new Bésame 1930s waterproof mascara, we’ve incorporated new packaging along with a hairless wand to ensure complete coverage of individual lashes from root to tip. And lastly, when it comes time to remove it just use soap and water, no need to purchase a make up remover.
Our 1930's mascara is pictured here and is available for $23.00 US Dollars.  

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