Besame Cosmetics featured on Ovation TV "The Art Of Makeup"


  • Stella

    It really IS a pleasure putting on this makeup, I use Besame every day now. And I love the philosophy that when the colors are flattering, you don’t need a big arsenal of products. Thank you for doing all this!

  • Ephraim Hunte

    Hello ,
    My name is Ephraim Hunte, makeup artist of 35 years and makeup educator in the Caribbean. My years started in New York in 1981, so I had the privilege of working with some of the supermodels of that time. I am very impressed about your cosmetic line and have known about it for many years especially when my classes have to do research on the history or origin of the Bullet lipstick or the Bullet lipstick casing/packaging. However, we could never find a specific source and usually backtrack to your packaging and the 55mm or 45mm packaging of your design.
    Can you send me any detailed information that you may have on the Bullet lipstick and its origin?
    Many thanks. Please send info to:
    Best Regards,
    Ephraim Hunte

  • Aging Ophelia

    Ah, I’m even more impressed with the products now that I know the process. What fun, and what lovely outcomes. I truly adore my Crimson Rouge, Violet Brightening Powder, and 1930’s Mascara. Now, to get some Noir Red, and that luscious Cream Mascara! So few companies these days make a true brown mascara, and I love the subtle effect of brown compared to black. If you made it in burgundy, too, I’d be over the moon.

  • Jacqui

    I am truly inspired by what you create.
    We love it here in the UK too x

  • Rachele LeMieux

    I would die to work for you. I would honestly, seriously, die! I thought that I was going to be the first person to open a boutique bringing back the style, glamour, and “effortless” class of Max Factor and his Starlets. Of course, my first line of products was to be the “Rachel,” which seems to have been a popular colour line of products from cake to powder to lipstick. I have so much yet to learn, but as a history major at university, my love of beauty extends far back- even to the Renaissance and earlier! We women have always, always, had tricks up our sleeves when it comes to making ourselves look or feel a bit more appealing, haven’t we? We’re clever that way. Your products are timeless and your packaging beautiful. Perhaps someday soon I will be fortunate enough to have the boutique I’ve been dreaming of since the first time I watched a classic film in Nice, at sunset, on my balcony, and was gripped by the nostalgia I now know will never let me go! Your hard work and success was evidently born of something timeless, and I thank you for bringing that same timeless class back en vogue!
    Rachele LeMieux

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