How to Look Like Veronica Lake


One of the most alluring screen stars of the 1940s is unquestionably Veronica Lake. With her dynamic on screen presence, coupled with her signature peek-a-boo hairdo, Veronica has influenced many women to emulate her mysterious style.


Get The Look


Veronica’s Hair:


You can achieve Veronica’s signature hairstyle. This look works best with med to long hair, with very minimal to no layers. Start with a deep side part. To work with dry hair begin by blowing out your hair. Start at the root to build volume. Once hair is completely dry you will need to divide your hair into sections. With a 1″ curling iron begin curling hair at the nape. Hold the curling iron horizontally creating a rolled curl rather than a spiral. Remove the curling iron without disturbing the rolled curl. Pin each curl in place with a small metal clip while hair is still warm from the iron. You can set the curls with a dry aerosol hairspray. Curl all of your hair maintaining the horizontal rolled curl pattern, and pinning each curl in place.


Pro Tip: Leave your hair pinned while you apply your makeup.  This will insure a long lasting set.


When you are ready to begin styling your hair, gently begin removing metal clips starting in the nape, working upward. Let curls fall naturally as you work. When all of the pins have been removed, gently massage scalp, blending sections  together. With a large soft boars head brush, vigorously begin brushing hair downward. Your curls will begin to take shape into large soft waves. Use your hands to help shape and frame your face with the front waves. Make sure the perimeter of your hair is curled under. Use some dry aerosol hairspray to hold in place. If your curls begin to divide, just continue to brush out.  The more you brush, the softer and more uniform your waves will be.


Don’t forget to wear Noir Red Besame Lipstick. It is the perfect Film Noir red!

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