Cake Mascara

Besame Cake Mascara is the perfect solution to your lash needs. Originally used in the 1920s, cake mascara was replaced by tubes in the late 1940s, despite its superior formulation. Cake mascara lasts longer and is naturally more sanitary.

Besame mascara comes in a deep brown shade, perfect for all complexions. The smooth formulation defines and darkens lashes without clumping or flaking. Lashes look naturally dark and glossy. An added feature of Besame Cake Mascara is that it makes an excellent cake eyeliner. Each mascara comes with a double ended brush. One side for mascara, the other a liner brush. Get a soft beautiful look with a wonderful alternative to modern mascaras.


Pro Tip:

Hold mascara wand horizontal, above lash line. Roll the bristles outward to tips of lashes, curling while applying mascara. Repeat, for perfectly coated non clumpy lashes.

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