10 Fascinating Facts About The Lucy Collection

Just like our previous collections for Disney and Marvel, the Lucy Collection is filled with beautiful details, little known history, and reverence for the wonderful woman at the center of our set.

The Lucy Collection is on sale now!

To make you even more excited, here are 10 delightful facts about the Lucy Collection!

Our First Iconic Woman

After our collections for Snow White, Agent Carter, the Mermaid Lagoon, and Sleeping Beauty, our customers wanted more. Not just collections on our favorite fictional characters, but detailed creations for impactful women of history. So, we created the Iconic Women Collection! 

These collections will feature notable women from history. Our first set celebrates Lucille Ball — a pioneer of comedy, entertainment, and business. Never afraid to mix glamour and laughs, Lucy has been an icon for nearly 70 years and our collection brings that elegance to a new generation.

Showcasing Lucy’s Glamorous Side

Before I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball started her career as a model. Even as she delved further into comedy, she always maintained her glamour. The Lucy Collection brings to light the beauty and ingenuity of Lucille Ball, to prove she was so much more than “that wacky redhead.”

To find out all the ways Lucy changed history, read 9 Things We Have Today Thanks to Lucy

Lucie Approved

Lucille Ball’s daughter, actress Lucie Arnaz helped Gabriela get the details just right. She spoke to Gabriela about her mother’s makeup habits, color preferences, and exceptional skill at applying eye brows! 

In the Classic Beauty with Bésame Cosmetics Podcast, Lucie goes into even more detail about beauty advice from her mom and other fascinating stories. 

Both Sides of Lucy

It was incredibly important to Gabriela that this collection show all the sides of Lucille Ball. So, she commissioned custom artwork to reflect that idea. 

On our compact and lipstick case, the portrait of Lucy features a face half in shadow. It’s meant to evoke the classic comedy/tragedy masks and the opposing sides of her life. The light side represents her comedic persona, while the opposing side represents her serious minded business savvy. 

Artwork Straight From Havana

Gabriela went to Desi’s roots to create the artwork for our Club Babalu palette. Instead of recreating the exact club from I Love Lucy, Gabriela looked to what would have inspired Ricky at the time.

The Club Babalu Palette cover is based on Havana tourism art from the 1950s! Desi himself likely saw similar posters as he was concocting his Club Tropicana. The palette gives a hint of Havana history and a nod to Desi’s importance in Lucille’s life.

Eyeshadow Easter Eggs

I Love Lucy fans are in for a treat with our Club Babalu palette. Each eyeshadow name references the beloved show and a couple of real life Lucy favorites. Here are all the names with the Lucy easter eggs revealed.

  • Tropicana Taupe: The Tropicana is the nightclub where Ricky and his band headlined. 
  •  Salesman Blue: After a life in vaudeville and time as a New York City landlord, best friend and neighbor Fred Mertz ended his time on I Love Lucy as an egg salesman!
  •  Bandleader Brown: Ricky made his living leading a band. As much as Lucy tried, Lucy did not make a living as part of the act!
  •  Babablue: Based on Ricky’s signature song Babalu. We recommend singing it as you apply the eyeshadow for best results!
  •  Lucy's Lilac: Though I Love Lucy was in black and white, she often wore lilac eye colors because it was her favorite shade.
  •  Mertz Mauve: Named for Ricky and Lucy’s best friends and neighbors — Fred and Ethel Mertz.
  •  Ricardo Rose: Based on the last name of America’s favorite couple — Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.
  •  McGillicuddy Roots: Before she became a Ricardo, she was Lucy McGillicuddy from West Jamestown, NY.

Lucy’s Most Famous Lip Color

I Love Lucy was filmed in black and white, but Lucille Ball always wore a signature red lipstick. This warm red and exaggerated lip shape read beautifully on television and amplified Lucy’s hilarious expressions.

Love That Redhead lipstick is recreated from this signature Lucy shade. Based on color press clippings and interviews with Lucie Arnaz, Gabriela matched the color perfectly. 

The Lucy Look Evolution

Though people typically think of Lucy with her red, poodle-like hair and 50s style look, Lucille Ball evolved her glamorous style through the decades. In the 1960s, she took on the cool blue shades of the time and peachy, neutral lips.

Our What A Peach lipstick is an exact match from one of Lucy’s most beautiful press photos from the 1960s. The peach shade with a hint of pink looks gorgeous on all skin tones and evokes elegant, 60s glamour.

To find out more about Lucille Ball's incredible life, check out:

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Lucy’s Lashes Are...Lucy’s Lashes

For our first false lashes, Lucy was the ideal choice! Throughout her career, she wore a very specific type of lashes. They were very, very long, quite thin, and all the same length (compared to the tapered lashes we typically see today). Plus, they matched the “golden apricot” color of her hair.

Our Lucy’s Lashes match hers exactly. Custom-made you can only find these lashes at Bésame...and you can only get them with the complete Lucy collection! Talk about one-of-a-kind!

A Lip Liner for Lucy...And All Your Reds

Our first lip liner in many years, Warm Red matched Love That Redhead exactly. To get that precise Lucy pout, we highly recommend shaping the lips with Warm Red and filling with Love That Redhead.

But Warm Red works with nearly all of our lip colors. It looks splendid with Red Hot Red, adds a bit of red coloring to Carmine, and gives warmth to any of our other reds. Or, pair with What A Peach for a more fiery look!

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This is a lovely collection with beautiful colors. It’s perfect for my red haired sister and mother but all wrong for me. I’m hoping your Iconic Women collection will include products for those of us with blue undertones and platinum hair. Thanks for making such wonderful beauty products. I’m still in love with my Cherry Red and Wild Orchid lipsticks.

Mary June 25, 2020

Omg!!!! I can’t wait!!!

Gisella June 25, 2020

I’m so excited for this! I can’t wait to order! <3

Victoria Allison June 25, 2020

Can’t wait!!!!

Jenn June 25, 2020

It’s 4:57 am in NYC – I’m up, during a pandemic, waiting to buy lipstick I can’t wear under my mask and I am soooo excited to see the collection and all the additional details they have in store for us. I’m hatching a plan to sneak it in the house…hehehhe
Haven’t felt excited about much in a while- thank you Besame!

Angela June 25, 2020

Oooooh, those colors! Count me IN!

Stella W. June 25, 2020

Lucy is my favorite TV show of all time. It’s my go to! My License plate is LCY1FAN
Such a classic beauty. I am SO excited. Hopefully it doesn’t sell out before I get mine.

Stephanie June 25, 2020

I literally have 500 red lipsticks. Guess I’ll be buying another. Lol i loved Lucy since I was 5 seen every episode. So many of my facial expressions I learned from her subconsciously as a kid.

Heather Burnes June 25, 2020

Whoopeee!!!! Finally a collection for us REDHEADS!!! Can’t wait….just saw this email today, yes, I’m behind but I’m so willing and able to catch up! I have loved Lucille Ball my whole life, I knew she was special when my Mom told me she was also a redhead like us, even though we watched her in Black and White, so I was hooked. I watched her for years, even the “Lucy Show” after “I Love Lucy”, now I’ll have even more reason to catch her reruns whenever I can! Or buy the DVDs…LOL. <3 <3 <3

Sandra June 25, 2020

I am beyond excited for this collection!

The Newbury Girl June 25, 2020

I became extremely excited when I saw your first email about Lucy! I even got chills and I almost cried!! I can’t even tell you how happy I am! I Love Lucy has been my favorite TV show of all time!❣ Lucy has always been favorite actress! I love the picture of Lucy on the lipstick and everything else! Thank you so very much, Gabriela!!! ❤

Christina June 25, 2020

I cannot wait to see the entire colection!!

Gina Cantrell June 25, 2020

I have been a Lucy fan all of my life and so ready to get a collection after her. Let us know if its individually sold or in a kit!!!!!

Gabrielle Robles June 25, 2020

I have had trouble ordering in the past and just gave up! Not sure what keeps going wrong! I would love to see this collection and try to order..but not sure if it will work?
Yvette Agosto

Yvette Agosto June 25, 2020

Is this a full box collection in a cute box set? Or Individual pieces? Either way I’m SO READY TO BUY!!💕💕💕💕💕

Elvia Mendez June 24, 2020

I’m so excited ♥️

Mariana Jimenez June 24, 2020

I am very excited about this collection! Thank you so much for bringing an Iconic Women collection to us!

Heather Jones June 24, 2020

I’m so excited for this!!! I can hardly wait until I get off work tomorrow to buy it!!!!

Kathryn Hill June 24, 2020

Beyond thrilled – can’t wait! Lucy makes the world better – Just What we need!

Lisa Basile June 24, 2020

I’m a big time fan of Lucy and Ricky, Anytime I wanted a good laugh I would love to watch I love Lucy show I’m glad you’re doing this it brings back good times for me!!

Stella Lopez June 24, 2020

Can’t wait!!! Adding this to my Lucille Ball collection!!

Tabitha Leigh June 24, 2020

Lucy has been my favorite actress my whole life. My mom and my best friend both loved her as much as I do and they’ve both passed away and watching Lucy makes me feel close to them. I am so grateful that you guys worked with the Arnaz family to make sure you really did Lucy justice, but I’m certainly not surprised. That’s why I love Besame so much. You always do it right and do it well. I am so excited for tomorrow!

Christee June 24, 2020

Lucy is my hero for several reasons. First, and most importantly, she always reminds me of my beloved grandma who shared her red hair, beauty, and zany humor. Secondly, it was Lucy who greenlit the original Star Trek. She is the founder of today’s science fiction television and the grand poobah of nerds today.

Stefani June 24, 2020

Must have! I LOVE Lucy!

Denise June 24, 2020

Can you tell me what time they will release this I know it’s June 25th and I’m in Cali. I can’t wait I’m a huge fan

Patricia June 24, 2020

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